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    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

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WGA_SARAH.jpgSorry about the lack of updates on the website but there has been no new information to post. Sarah is still picketing due to the strike. I asked Sarah about the show and she said:

“We were writing ten more episodes and were 6 outlines in when the strike hit, so we’ve been frozen for the past three months.”

We here at SSO support the strike and hope both groups can reach a new contract soon! ¡Viva la unión!

Photo courtesy of
Jonathan Alcorn.

8 Responses to “Still Picketing”

I hope the writers stay out as long as necessary to get what they want and deserve. Go, striking writers! At least I can watch reruns of Sarah’s show.

as long as she sports a sox hat w/ celtics colors, the world shall be a better place.

Sarah’s director Rob Schrab (& creator of the “Scud” comic series) was recently interviewed on the FanBoy Radio podcast. Find it on iTunes or at
Many TV writers are starting to write comic books now. So, while you’re striking, guys, why not give it a try?

keep doing what ever you got to do,i would wait a lifetime for you Sarah! Hope Everything works out and you all get what your striking for.

HA, nice sign!!

Rainn Wilson replaced her as host of the Independant Spirit Awards? It might not be good news, but news at least. ???

We miss you Sarah, and everyone from the show! But we totally support the strike–we’re rooting for you writers!
We hope the AMPTP wises up soon and stops being so greedy and gives you what you want.

I’m glad sarah cares about that stuff

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