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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

wga-award.jpgThe Sarah Silverman Program was nominated yesterday in the “best new series” category for the WGA Awards. Other programs nominated in this category are:

“Damages” – FX
“Flight of the Conchords” – HBO
“Mad Men” – AMC
“Pushing Daisies” – ABC

The 60th Annual WGA Awards will take place in NY and LA on February 9th.  Congratulations to Sarah and everyone involved!

14 Responses to “The Sarah Silverman Program Nominated!”

im not personally involved,..
but i heartfeltedly accept your congratz.

;p (w00t!)

That’s so awesome. Congrats to them!

Right on! The excellence of the SSP deserves to be acknowledged. Of course, I say that because it’s my favorite comedy show of all time. The loony genius of it is awesome. Congratulations to everyone behind it.

thats cool.its the best show on tv at the time.they deserve an award.

If they don’t win- I’ll be pissed! :D

Sarah Silverman can congratulate herself after her horror of a comedy? routine on the VMA’s about Britney Spear….now when anyone looks at her already NOT pretty face, they see the image of her imitation of a hairless vagina and that’s it. She looked bad enough already.
Congratulations to the Hairless Vagina!

I’ll take the Flight of the Concords guys’ knees out if someone takes the other three out of the picture.

Man I love Damages and Pushing Daisies, too. Good choices this year.

I was watching those creationscapes beautiful sites, scriptures, peaceful sceneries, then i flipped to Mtv or something and saw her opening monologue at MTV awards and it really hit home what a crappy society we have- her language, her whole poise and it just made me sick! of course it’s my prerogative to change the channel, which i did, but she and or the writers grossed me out.

Thats cute…”throwing stones” hehe

Sarah Silverman is the greatest woman of her generation! We should all be thankful for that at least.

Yeah and you must be a friend of hers or something…either that or really high right now..

Throwing stones….I meant that with a certain degree of sarcasm that even Sarah would likely agree with. Have a sense of humor please! Why are you even posting here with your obvious lack of humour? There are plenty of places for you to try to sound intelligent beyond this site.

Yeah your right-I dont know why i came here to be negative. I apologize. I’m sure she has some good qualities.

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