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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07


USA is having a Monk Marathon that begins this Friday, December 7th. Some of you all may have caught Sarah in Monk last July when she played Mr. Monk’s obsessive fan. Now you can catch an earlier episode from 2004 where she plays the same character, Marci Maven, but this time she’s obsessed about a TV show and it’s not “Cookie Party.”


If you did happen to miss this year’s episode you can also catch that one being re-aired Sunday on USA.

Mr. Monk and the TV Star – December 7th @ 10:00am

Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan – December 9th @ 6:00pm

4 Responses to “Monk Marathon this Weekend”

I love those episodes. Marci is such an awesome character for her.

I just wanted to applaud your performance in, “Monk.” It was enjoyabe and entertaining, one of my favorite episodes thanks to you!

Nothing better than the theme song being changed. When my 15 year old son and I want to watch Monk, the episode that you performed in is the first pick! We still laugh no matter how many times we watch it!

It was so good …..

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