‘My Sister Sarah’ by Susan Silverman


Sarah’s sister, Rabbi Susan Silverman, released an article today titled “My Sister Sarah.” In the article she discusses her relationship with Sarah and tells some funny stories about their childhood. Also included are some special family photos of the Silverman clan.

JewishJournal.com – ‘My Sister Sarah’ by Susan Silverman

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4 Responses to ‘My Sister Sarah’ by Susan Silverman

  1. Pat Cronin says:

    Dearest Sarah,

    When will you be playing the Centre East/Northlight Theatre in Skokie Illinois?
    Enjoyed seeing you at Northwestern’s Pick-Staiger Concert Hall – I was front row center!- and when I saw you were playing
    Carnegie Hall, I wondered why you hadn’t appeared at Centre East yet.

    Do you have plans to play there in the future, and if so, when? And if not, Why?

    Pat Cronin
    2353 W Jarvis Ter
    Apt 1G
    Chicago IL 60645

  2. alex holder says:

    Dear sarah,dont know if you remember me but i used to teach you tennis back in the 80’s at indian ridge in goffstown just wanted say congrats on all your success and just wondering how your sister laura is? she kind of took me under her wing when i was a freshman at west, and i hope she’s doing well tell her i said hi if you remeber thanks your’s truly alex holder.

  3. Hi Sarah!
    I’m sorry about your breakup with Jimmy. I recently read an article where you said that he doesn’t mind your unwanted hair. Well I provide an in-home service of laser hair removal in Manhattan. Your time, your convenience. Send me a line if you’re interested….
    Hairless M.

  4. Carleen Shelton says:


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