Updates / Classic Leno Appearance

With the ending of The Sarah Silverman Program for this year there currently isn’t a lot of news to report. They’ve already written six new episodes for next summer but the writer’s strike has currently put everything on hold for now. So during the meantime I’m posting a “never been seen before on the internet ” talkshow appearance with Sarah on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (July 24, 2002). Watch and hear about Sarah’s dog eating pot brownies.

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6 Responses to Updates / Classic Leno Appearance

  1. James says:

    She looks EXACTLY THE SAME!

  2. jake says:

    “I only lived there until I was 18 so I don’t really remember.” LOL

  3. Beth says:

    hahah thats so funny- pot brownies are for people!

  4. dphunkt says:

    thank you! – great (never before seen on the internet) clip. and she does look the same, ..due to pot brownies? hmmm.. “your prettier”.

  5. vittorio says:

    You’re such a GENIUS!

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