Penn State Interview


Penn State interviewed Sarah Silverman to promote her appearance tomorrow at the University’s Bryce Jordan Center. Not only did they interview Sarah but they also asked students and faculty their feelings about her comedy.

Penn State – Sarah Silverman Interview

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4 Responses to Penn State Interview

  1. Michelle says:

    Dear Sarah,
    If you are reading this I will be in the third row on the right. Please party with me afterwards.

  2. Dear Sarah; If you read this…I won’t be there, I’ll be at my house watching your DVD of The Sarah Silverman Program.

    Please feel free to fly to Ontario Canada, and come to my house.
    I Tivoed Cookie Party…I know you like to call in and vote..but it’s the best I could do on such short notice! 😀

  3. mab says:

    what a shitty interview… way to waste 20 paragraphs on absolutely nothing! this so-called interview has only TWO quotes from Silverman. Ridiculous, who on earth cares what Random Penn State Student thinks about Silverman’s comedy?

    waste of space, on an otherwise delightful site.

  4. Amber says:

    sarahs sense of humor and the stories she tells i relate to. here is a story from my childhood. it was the eighties and playing voltron outside and exploring the shit crick was way too interesting to take time for a potty break. so i held it til i couldnt anymore and or course, poop exploded in my pants. mortified (at the time) i rushed home to clean up. to avoid any questioning i decided to try to salvage the smelly mishap. rinsing the underwear did not work. so i used my brothers toothbrush to sbrub them out. it wasnt until later that night when my mom was forcing him to brush his teeth i found the humor in it! twenty some years passed and i can still hear my brother saying “no it smells, it smells” while finaly bursting out into tears as my mom smacked him around a few times thinking he was just stalling cuz he just didnt want to brush his teeth. i think once my mom heard me and my sister laughing, insanely, she realized there was somthing wrong with the toothbrush. so to conclude i got my ass beat with “the Paddle” and i can honestly say i was laughing sooo hard i did not even feel it. lol. i do keep my toothbrush out of site when he comes to visit to this day.

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