“Ah, Men”

Next week’s episode is titled “Ah, Men.” Here is the synopsis:

Sarah enters a serious romance with God. She starts to sour on his neediness and deep-seeded insecurity, but she also wants to show him off at her high school reunion. Brian and Steve wonder if smoking marijuana is what originally caused them to be gay.

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8 Responses to “Ah, Men”

  1. natiloveSarahSilverman says:

    oh YEAH!!!!! Damn this episode is so dam cute…Sarah is looking really GOOD. Damn it just keeps getting better!!

    Thank you Sarah!!

  2. dphunkt says:

    lulz,.. marijuana laced with gay.

  3. This episode looks great!
    Sarah’s so cute in it! Like when she finally kisses God.

    – Sarah you can kiss me anytime! 😀

  4. lalalaloti says:

    i’ve already decided that this is the episode yet this season.

  5. lalalaloti says:

    “best” (omitted word, see above)

  6. Jake says:

    Sarah dating God? What is she, Mormon?

  7. Trevor says:

    whats the name of the song playing when god is getting high with the 2 guys?

  8. Alberto says:

    Yeah im desperate to know what that song is too, when god is getting high with the 2 guys.

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