White Dog Poop from the 70’s

Here is a live verson of the “White Dog Poop” song that was sung on tonight’s episode of The Sarah Silverman Program.

If you missed tonight’s “Doodie” episode you can watch it online by clicking here. Start at the “Cookie Party – Preview” video and work your way up!

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18 Responses to White Dog Poop from the 70’s

  1. Luke says:

    We will never make it together. I am urged to take time and find other options and discover where on earth Sarah stands in the scale of who’s good and who’s bad while it gets securer here.

  2. Jacob says:

    This song is incredible. Haunting, addictive, disturbing, melodic and beautifully sung. I can’t stop playing it over and over. I would love to hear more verses that explore the history and scientific reasons for the disappearance of white dog poop. I’ve actually been researching it and there are a startling number of factors that lead to this phenomenon.

  3. dphunkt says:

    i dont want to claim i know what its all about, but i want to know with every fiber of this post. is it serenading the sun dried piles that turn to dust if you kick them?

  4. lmao- this is retarded, in a good way.

  5. Todd Dziuk says:

    That mysterious white dog poop appeared on a hike here in the desert recently.
    Great song. Melodic, sweet, and disturbing all rolled up in one.

  6. Lucifer says:

    Incredible! Haunting very haunting…ehehheheheheh!

  7. JohnInFlorida says:

    You guys must all be aliens or republicans. In the 100% factual Al Gore film, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, it is PROVEN (with 140 scientific looking charts and graphs) that global warming is the reason dog poop no longer turns white (as God intended). FYI, you may now purchase carbon credits for your dog so that other dogs won’t make fun of him (or her).

  8. Delamater says:

    this is obviously Sarah’s attempt to capitalize on my hard work, pain and sacrifice which were all poured into the stunningly beautiful “The Apocryphicial Rites” (http://huncledussey.110mb.com). I will not take this laying down! I will come back with another, even greater song about BMs to put her to shame! Its on, JewBitch.

  9. martin says:

    Um if anyone cares the white dog poop that featured in the 70s came from an ingrediant in dog food. It made the poo white which clearly cant be good for their insides! They took it out and now they are back to a lovely brown :-) ’nuff said really

  10. Ashley says:

    LMAO I love it! Like there aren’t even any words, I actually can’t stop singing it and all my friends are like Shut Up but i cant resist the temptation

  11. Majnun al-Qalabi says:

    Wow, that’s true. I haven’t seen it since the 70s. Now I wonder why and I never would have thought of it if it wasn’t for that song. I wonder how Sara knows that; I thought she would be too young to remember the white dog poop of the 70s.

  12. Debra Johnson says:

    I am absolutely fascinated with the “white Dog Poop” mystery.

    As a child growing up in the seventies, I can recall seeing the white poop everywhere…I remember as a kid thinking that the white poop must have only come out of a white dogs behind–that is truly what my “hypothesis” was when I was 8 years old in 1979.

    Thank you Sarah for helping me relive this glorious childhood memory/mystery! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your show!

    Following are some links that I have found about White Dog Poo ( I think the White poo is from bonemeal, which is not really added to modern day pet food any longer) :



  13. Josh says:

    Wow, Sarah has an ingeniously twisted imagination and has reestablished an area of witty and refreshingly distasteful comedy not know since Seinfeld. It’s a tragedy that her style of humor has been avoided by corporate media of modern times.

    Sarah 4 Poopiesent!

  14. zack says:

    God damn she’s hot even when she’s singing about white dog poop. I think it turns me on, more. My god!

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  16. Birdturd says:

    i wasn’t here for the seventies, but i remember white dog poop from the 80’s too.

  17. Webster Griffith says:

    Allow me to tell you what happened to White Dog pop from the 70’s. First let me get this off my chest and this will offend some, I get high. I don’t smoke pot or snort coke, I inhale Jenkem. Now before you pass judgement, let me tell you it’s the most intensely fullfilling high I have ever had. The high lasts 24 hours and the come-down is more euphoric than you can imagine as your senses are enlivend beyond reality!I have had amazing colorful visions that only high priest shamans could wish for. I never feel out of control on Jenkem like LSD does to you. I am capable of talking with long dead loved ones with Jenkem highs. The one problem I did have is that I never feel hungery and had lost a lot of weight. I can go weeks on just a candy bar (chocolate is orgasmic on Jenkem!) but you never feel hunger, and you are constantly sexually aroused!(Sex on Jenkem is a religous experience!) As I was saying the down side of Jenkem is that you don’t care to eat and without eating you can’t produce tha main ingrediant of Jenkem, your poop will be small and odorless like rabbit poop.
    How do you make premo Jenkem? You can make jenkem from your own poop but that doesn’t work as well as White Dog Poop(WDP). The microscopic flora that turns it white is the favored ingrediant in Jenkem as it actually gives the huffing a very fruity, floral note, not unlike lilacs! Anyone who has done WDP Jenkem will tell you you can loose lots of weight, have a great sex life and there is almost no cost as you can find the WDP in the park. Just pick up several wide mouth pop bottles and fill them 1/3 full with WDP and a little tap water or urine and tie a ballon over the top to catch the gasses. In 3-4 weeks the gasses will expand the ballons, just inhale the gasses like helium. If you are resourseful you could bag 100 or more Jenkem stills around the house, basements work best. You and your friends can have Jenkem parties, but be warned, sex WILL ensue! Regular human Jenkem is safe and quite plesant but the bacteria in WDP makes the most incredible Jenkem and THAT Sarah, is why you won’t see White dog poop from the 70’s.

  18. Tori says:

    Hey ya know how you can become a fan of stuff on fb well i wanna become a fan of white doo doo from the 70’s…Can you make this happen?

    <3 Tori Hidalgo

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