Sarah Silverman – Blackface Episode


What did you guys think about tonights episode of The Sarah Silverman Program? Vote at the poll on the sidebar or leave a comment to let everyone know what you think. If you missed it you can still watch the blackface episode titled “Face Wars” by clicking here (divided into 10 video parts).

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63 Responses to Sarah Silverman – Blackface Episode

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  2. Ben says:

    Sarah Silverman…more like Sarah Silverstupid, haaaahahahaha

  3. Fred says:

    Um I am Freddie and I am a black man and I didn’t find it offensive but my sister is really uptight it really offended her but as for me um I didn’t find it funny but I wasn’t offended I don’t see it in anyway offensive

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  5. Jeff says:

    I’m Australian and while I understand the blackface/Jew thing to be a hot potato in the US, it isn’t something Australians in general deal with unless a visiting US celeb such as Harry Connick Jr takes offense to something that was never intended to offend. Contrary to what the media would have you believe, race is not a huge issue for most Aussies. I like Sarah’s videos often, but this one is out of my zone.

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  7. Jimmy says:

    Instead of complaints there should be thanks. Every time Dave Chapel or Chris Rock comes on tv and says n word this or n word that, white people this, white people that, thank the Jews for the air time.

    Best summed up by Milton Berle on the Dean Martin Roasts, while the blacks have all the musical talent, remember the Jews own the instruments.

  8. Alyssa says:

    Best episode I saw so far!!! 😀

  9. Enid says:

    I like looking through a post that will makе people think.

    Аlso, thanκ уou for alloωing
    me to comment!

  10. hannah says:

    Just when you think you haven’t seen it all…..Whelp its time to add you to the exhausted list of racist fools I have. Whats sad about this is it probably will boost your career.

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  12. blackandbeautiful says:

    sarah is useless……

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