Laura Silverman Interview


Here is an interview with Sarah’s sister Laura Silverman. She gives us some inside tidbits about their childhood and why Sarah probably is the way she is.

Winnipeg Sun – Laura Silverman Interview

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5 Responses to Laura Silverman Interview

  1. Joe Buddy says:

    I just tried clicking this link to the article and they want me to pay 12 dollars to read the interview. 12 fucking dolloars!? Fuck you Winnipeg Sun. I’ll use those 12 dollars to buy more whiskey, which in a completely unrelated side note, I’ve been drinking a lot already.

  2. Winnipeg Moon says:

    ^^^—–I second all of that, except I would change ‘whiskey’ to ‘gin’.

    It’s bad enough I get sucked into buying those filthy rags for $1 from time to time.

    Blow me, Sun freakin’ media.

  3. paul says:

    Why won’t it let me? It almost lets me, but it wont!
    이 동쪽 미국 광고 gimics 욕심의 모든 승리를 거둘 수 있고 있는 것도 한의 둔감함이 바람! 곧 그들이 찾아 헤매던 웹 서퍼들 대신 simultanious는 깔끔한 용기/랩 상업 renolds는 콘텐츠를 볼 수 있는 영광의 날!

  4. paul says:

    Stupid magnifying glass!


  5. paul says:

    Seriously! Try to catch it! It’s smarter and faster than you.

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