Watch the Season Premiere of The Sarah Silverman Program Online!

Did you miss the show? Comedy Central now has last night’s season premiere of The Sarah Silverman Program online in eight video parts. Here is the first part.

Watch all 8 parts here!
(start at the “Church” video and work your way up)

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53 Responses to Watch the Season Premiere of The Sarah Silverman Program Online!

  1. Chuck says:

    Kay Sarah Sarah,
    whatever will be will be,
    she likes Dougy’s weenie,
    cause her lover ain’t got one ya see.
    Kay Sarah Sarah,
    A Jewish Princess is she,
    Spewing hared towards all,
    who are not in her circle on “me”.
    Oh Frank Zappa had it right,
    Jewish Princess she be,
    Please no more Jewish dominance,
    in Hollywood, the media and socialistic Jewish Nazis,
    who say only they are to be.

  2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding says:

    I love this b.l.o.g.’s. intensity. You guys are incredible. I can feel the heat. The friction. The tenderness between you, as it grows in me. Deeply.

    I Made Up This Screen Name On The Spot. I Don’t Even Have Any Particular Affinity For My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Just A “First Thing That Popped In My Head” Scenario.

  3. Chuck says:

    I tried to get my stuff published. I wrote a few poems inspired by the Great Sufi Master Hafiz, but they were sent back by pretty much every publishing house, which was a very depressing scenario. Each day two or three rejections would arrive with the junk mail and bills and paychecks. I haven’t switched over to direct deposit yet. I like being able to physically hold my paycheck in my hand. Any how, I got rejection letters for like three weeks straight, except one day more towards the end of that three week period. It was humiliating, but I learned a lot about self-acceptance, self-love, and self-care during that time period, which was a little over a year and a half ago. How do you like my new stuff?


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