Sarah Silverman on NPR


Sarah was interviewed yesterday by Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air. Click here for the interview.

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6 Responses to Sarah Silverman on NPR

  1. Gayla Miyama says:

    I find Sarah Silverman to be the most offensive person I have ever seen on television. It is people like her that we all should thank for the great novel we just read, the time spent with our family we just enjoyed, the pottery we just painted, the great music we just listened to, and the wonderful meal we just created – because she, and people like her are the reason my TV is off most of the time. Thanks Sarah!

  2. Dayle says:

    No matter how much Sarah tries to defend what she said about Britney’s children, it was very offensive to say the least.
    No children are “mistakes.” Why anyone in the audience laughed at that remark is beyond me – it wasn’t funny at all.
    Sarah should be ashamed of herself.

  3. LisafromNH says:

    Sarah is a fantastic person and a performer. She is an entertainer! If you are not able to handle the humor, don’t listen. Don’t take it personally, she puts new views on controversial subjects and adds a little laughter.

  4. Evan says:

    You contrast things you consider art (meal, music, novel) to Sarah Silverman as if she’s just trash, but she’s very much art. You must understand that art is soulless. It isn’t fuzzy at the center, and it shouldn’t reaffirm your view of yourself or inspire reverence of some historical person like Martin Luther King, Jr. The best art is always pure in some way. For Sarah, as a comedian, that means purely funny, and no room for being nice. She goes for the funniest things–which just happen to be the things we’re least comfortable with, like the Holocaust, illegitimate babies, teen mothers (You know when the best time to have a kid is? When you’re a black teenager), race, and more. All of the most “offensive” topics. Remember, the famous artists–at least writers–were kind of “offensive” in their own way and often difficult. You have to be something of a bitch to produce a great novel. (Or bastard).

  5. Jim says:

    Much art! No tv! entertain! mistakes. INTERNETS RULEZ! Please read a Bertrand Russell book once in awhile, it will help!

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