Season 2 Premiere Tonight!


Don’t forget – The second season of The Sarah Silverman Program swings in tonight at 9:30/10:30e on Comedy Central!

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14 Responses to Season 2 Premiere Tonight!

  1. Dustin says:

    Good luck sexy.

  2. nasty woman sarah says:

    she sux

  3. lalaloti says:

    Yay! Is anyone else throwing a queer SSP premiere party like I am? (and by party I mean 4 people + drinking games)

  4. Chris says:

    I am! I’m having about 8 people over to watch South Park and then The Sarah Silverman Program. We are eating baked tomatoes to go with the abortion theme.

  5. Bravo says:

    pun, pun, oh what brilliance!

  6. natiloveSarahSilverman says:

    i just finished watching, Omg Sarah was hilarious…this episode was really different from season one. I like it. I want moe Sarah!!

  7. Insulter Of Jesus Christ says:

    fantastic episode. can’t wait for next Wednesday.

  8. That was fun says:

    Wow, I watched it and it was so funny. I think that the one about her dog will be better though. Personally I think that the very begining was the funniest, would have been better if they were all quiet and she slammed open the doors and screamed what’s wrong with you. Like when she burst through the green screen on the news (Officer Jay) and screamed “Burn the White House!

  9. chico says:

    Jesus of Noiseareth?! Loved it!

  10. untalented cow sarah says:

    she is one nasty overrated cow. HOPE they pull the plug on you fatty.

  11. dphunkt says:

    this season looks to have larger(budget) cinematic appeal.
    the plot for this episode even branched into new locations/sets.

    loved it! especially for the D&D/D.D.

  12. Faye says:

    I’m honestly shocked she even has a show. She’s not funny in the least — she’s like the kid who comes running up to you at the playground in kindergarten and goes “guess what… POOP!”

    I have no clue why she’s even considered a comedian really. I’m so sick of seeing her “representing the comedy world” when there are so many more talented comedians out there who don’t have her mantra, the “I’m just going to spurt random obscene stuff so everyone gets offended. offensiveness equals automatic hilarity right?” discourse that seems to appeal to the average five-year-old and Sarah Silverman.

    Honestly, I think Demetri Martin should have his own show. Or Tom Cotter. Or Paula Poundstone. They’re hilarious. They don’t have to stand on stage and go “omg guys…. WATCH ME LICK SHIT OUT OF MY DOG’S ASS” simply to get attention.

    Please, Sarah Silverman, give up and go back to kindergarten. Thanks.

  13. bob says:

    I am 46 and I think she is hilarious. The lenny Bruce of the new millenium

  14. Jackie says:

    I’m just stuck on the utter moron who called Sarah a nasty, overrated cow. Nasty? Definitely. Overrated? I guess that’s your opinion. But, COW? Now you’re just making a huge ass of yourself. Anyone who thinks she’s a cow is clearly out of their mind and nothing they say should be paid any heed.

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