Sarah Gets Sassed Outside Letterman


Here is paparazzi video of Sarah getting sassed by a woman while signing autographs outside the Letterman building.

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13 Responses to Sarah Gets Sassed Outside Letterman

  1. answer her says:

    why didnt you ANSWER her biatch sarah?
    why are you so nasty and ugly and untalented anyway.

  2. natiloveSarahSilverman says:

    Sarah is a comedian, she doesn’t need to explain her jokes.

    Sarah Rules!

  3. Michael says:

    What a stupid woman – Sarah didn’t even call Britney’s kids ‘bastards’ – and then the idiot even says Sarah should have “had the right information”.

  4. sars says:

    aw, what a shitty time trying to sign autographs.

  5. untalented cow sarah says:

    SARH IS VILE- way to go lady in the crowd- more people should heckle this nasty middle aged woman.

  6. Megan Shannon Rose says:

    Fuck you haters, that black bitch was way outta line. She should just stick to bitchen at punk-ass little black kids back home in the ghetto.

  7. your mom says:

    Hey untalented cow; your mom is vile!!!


  8. marlon christy says:

    hey sarah

    just discovered you like columbus discovered America and i think you r great! love the jokes n the stand up , people do not realise the irony, come to England you will be much more appreciated.

  9. Iagreewithmarlon says:

    I agree with Marlon Christy! Sarah could you please go to England—AND STAY THERE!!! You suck! The only woman Jerry Lewis was talking about was YOU!

  10. Laughing at the U.S. says:

    Sarah, you probably Should go to England…
    there might be freedom of speech there, and maybe even freedom of expression!
    You won’t find it in America!
    No wonder their nation got it’s face smacked on 9\11!

  11. Eleese says:

    Why are there so many haters? I think everyone needs to relax and worry about their own assfaces.

  12. Saandy(CHOCOLATEEYE14) says:

    hahaha thats a funny clip XD

  13. Saandy(CHOCOLATEEYE14) says:

    Wow I thought Britney Spears fans look like young,pubescent,little girls and maybe some trannys but now I have to find out,that they’re big,angry,black woman.funny!
    I’m black too and I think that Britney Spears sux!
    Long live the jews

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