Sarah On Howard Stern Today


Sarah was on The Howard Stern Show this morning. This is what went down according to

Sarah Silverman stopped by to promote her new show on Comedy Central and told the crew about making fun of Paris Hilton the night she was headed to prison. Howard asked Sarah if she felt bad about what she’s said about Britney or Paris, but Sarah said she was fine with it – it was the camera in Paris’ face trying to get her reaction that she felt bad about. Sarah added that there was “no point in getting out there to do soft jokes.”

Howard asked Sarah if she was upset about recently being mistaken for Melissa Rivers, so Sarah explained that it wouldn’t be nice to say yes. Sarah confessed that she was curious about the smell of Richard’s balls and would like to smell them, so Richard came in, but had to apologize to her; he showered last night. Sarah came up with a game: Sal will smell Richard’s balls and write down a description and Sarah will do the same. Howard will then read the descriptions to see how close they are. Howard announced that they’ll play the game on Wednesday.

Check out for a more detailed account of Sarah’s appearance.

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19 Responses to Sarah On Howard Stern Today

  1. THE HAMMER says:

    Balls Deep on that ASS!

    with all the world’s love…

    the hammer

  2. nasty woman sarah says:

    she does look like melissa rivers. except uglier and nastier.

  3. Hammer to the heart says:

    Balls know where they should roll to :-)

  4. Dalai Lama says:

    This had better be it because it is more than torture for the one that had many past reincarnations to recall who who is. Whoever the true one is step forward.
    Free Tibet, the long path of buses and railroads.

    Let me check whois directory…

  5. Bobby Ricigliano says:

    I saw that Sarah Silverman is being featured on Maxim’s website today. It looks like they added some pictures to her magazine shoot…

  6. John D. Baptist says:

    Just wanted to say that I love this picture of Sarah. She looks as cute as a button in this pic…

  7. John D. Baptist says:

    Oh, Sarah….will you marry me? Hmmmm…ahh, what am I thinking…I’m already engaged, and it would never work…I’d never be able to stand all the Jesus jokes…not to mention what my fiancee would do to me….

  8. John D. Baptist says:

    Sarah, tell me….is Howard Stern as offensive in person as he is on the air?

  9. John D. Baptist says:

    Did Howard Stoyn atone on Yom Kippur…or is he too good for that? Maybe he went to the beach and bastermated in a sand dune….uh, I think I misspelled that. Just wondering. I remember him saying that he does that from time to time, back in the early 1980s. Wow, it’s been a long time since he was on WNBC. Good riddens. I remember when he tried interviewing Jerry Seinfeld, and Jerry wouldn’t stand for his crap because Howard is just a two bit hack, full of filth. But hey, only in America can you make a billion dollars as a two bit hack spewing out filth.

  10. John D. Baptist says:

    Uh when it comes to God and Howard Stern….I think Howard should get used to the hot weather….oooooh….is it hot enough for you yet, dude? Also, I wonder why studdering John doesn’t studder anymore. Did Jay Leno cure him? Hmmmmm? Or maybe he’s just another hack.

  11. John D. Baptist says:

    Howard Stoyn, that meshugg? Oy vey…he should get a respectable job…

  12. John D. Baptist says:

    Howard Stoyn….he makes how much money…oy, I guess if he’s a meshuggenah, then he’s crazy all the way to the bank…

  13. John D. Baptist says:

    Sarah, I love the photos in your photo gallery. Especially all the sexually provocative ones, which I think is most of them. I’ll tell you one thing, you sure know how to cash in on your fame. Anything goes, just keep that cash cumming in. OOOPS, did I misspell coming…uh oh.

  14. John D. Baptist says:

    Sarah, next interview you have you need to wear more lipstick….oh yeah…more lipstick….just cake on that shi….Did you know that now you can buy kosher lipstick. It’s been on the market for like 10 years…oy vey…

  15. Joshua Joseph says:

    Arnold on Sarah: Sawah, Sawah, are you Sawah Connor?

  16. Insulter Of Jesus Christ says:

    i think it was a decent appearance (even if Howard did ask some of the smae questions he asked in Sarah’s last appearance).

  17. River of no return says:

    Yes, Melissa Rivers is cool. She covers everyone’s dress but she may see me naked before others if she wants to. 😀

  18. Don says:

    ^^^Yeah, it’s funny. She has to do with people’s dresses. She would be off-duty when she sees one naked.

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