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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

November 29th: USC in Los Angeles
A benefit for Friends of Arava


Update: Will now be featuring a guest appearance by Roseanne Barr.

11 Responses to “Stand-Up: USC in Los Angeles”

You’re NOT one of the hottest performers, and your tickets are too expensive. $100?? please!

Anal-lousie: Uh, like, this is a benefit, y’know, as in fundraiser. Look it up in the dictionary if you’re still clueless. There are also tickets priced at $50. Dumbass.

Arava sounds rude but it ain’t lol

Um, Anal, it’s a benefit. She’s not profiting from it. And, anyway, if you don’t think she’s all that, why the hell are you on this site?

she’s worth it

SARAH Silveman is funny, sexy, and jimmy kimmel is a lucky bastard!!! we need more women like her in our world

I have the biggest crush on Sarah Silverman. I’m sure that I am not alone. Please dump your current boyfriend Jimmy K. as I am better looking and probably a lot better in the sack. Besides he probably has bitch tits.

You are so damn SEXY.


Dammit, I wanted to go see this so bad, me and my boyfriend freakin’ love Sarah lol She’s like one of the funniest comedians ever.

We’re just kinda poor right now =/ We’ll have to wait until something else Sarah in the LA area comes up.

x Rick

You guys criticizing Sarah for doing a benefit show are dicks…. it’s for an amazing and very important cause that helps.. you know… REAL people living in Israel who don’t have access to things people need like… you know… water. As for being too expensive, you guys should know that tickets go UP to $100, but START at $20. If you’re saying $20 is too much to see the ENTIRE cast of The Sarah Silverman Program, not to mention Roseanne Barr, perform for you… PLUS the goodness in knowing it’s all for something important, you’re either crazy or severely retarded. Actually, I guess I should be applauding that people as retarded as you could even use a computer, much less the capability to navigate to an actor’s website (whom you supposedly admire) and then post this type of diarrhea on her site. But then again, that’s what makes you guys ‘special’. As in, you know, ‘special ed’.

For the people hatin on Sarah…. At least she’s not a bore son LOL I kill me. I will be there tonight!!! And am ready & willing to street fight anyone who doesnt like the Sarah Silverman Program.

Sarah Silverman is not in the least bit funny.The cutesy attempts to shock her audience seems like she’s trying to make up for n a lack of actual intelligent comedy in her material.I am a fan though – of those wonderful titties – she is undeniably hot.

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