Stand-Up: The Borgata in Atlantic City


Sarah Silverman will be at The Borgata in Atlantic City on November 3rd. Tickets go on sale Friday.

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12 Responses to Stand-Up: The Borgata in Atlantic City

  1. Dan says:

    Is there a special reason of interest for Atlantic City?

  2. sandra wieland says:

    I think your comments on Ms Spears were in poor taste and I would not cross the street to see you perform. Shame on you.

  3. annelouise says:

    Kiddo, I live in this area and frankly, we don’t want you here.

  4. lalalaloti says:

    Atlantic City is a fucking depressing place…def not good for comedy. Bad audience reception and poor ticket sales are pretty much garanteeded. I’m surprised Sarah would even want to go there. Hoboken would be a much more desirable location.

  5. Danielle W says:

    I’m sorry these people are being lame. You are the funniest person ever. And it sucks that you’re playing in Atlantic City, but not because it sucks. It just sucks that you’re not playing in Philadelphia. You would have a much better turn out. : (

  6. Ed says:

    Forget atlantic City
    when are you coming to the UK?

  7. Patti leyden says:

    How much are tickets? I would love to go.

  8. SSO says:

    Patti, yea that is weird the site doesn’t give the price yet. Hopefully it will tomorrow when they go on sale.

  9. Karen D. says:

    The tickets are 50 according to the Borgota website. Sarah, hook me up with a buy one get one free and I’ll trim your toenails with my teeth that night.

  10. Flossie L says:

    Stop ragging on Atlantic City. Although it would be great if she came to Philly – but Philly has such an incredibly few venues left, it’s sad. Sarah/Cookie Party/Orange cold medicine/all of that are all GREAT! “Well I’m replacing YOU . . .with the NIGHT!” See you November 3rd!!!

  11. Marly says:

    How old do you have to be to get in ;)?

  12. Steve O says:

    I so excited your coming to Atlantic City. Its is my home and it should be yours.

    Funny Story…. 2 weeks ago went to sleep after watching “your program” and I was dreaming all night you were my girlfriend and i woke up 5 times because i was like why hasnt that biotch called me yet… i was so pissed…. than in the morning i realized you were not so much my girlfriend

    creepy but funny, i know. i told all my friends…

    xoxo, jk, lmao, ttyl, rofl, and bff.

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