Stand-Up: Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami


Sarah Silverman will be at The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater on October 28th. Click here for tickets.

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  1. John D. Baptist says:

    Sarah is an attractive young lady. Seems so nice. Her career is doing so well. I’m sure her love life is great too. But I don’t get all the Jesus mocking. For centuries Jews have been persecuted, and often times they’ve been accused of killing Jesus, and here she is mocking Jesus. All her Jesus mocking is not doing the Jewish people any favors. She’s Jewish and here she is mocking Jesus, the very person who about 2 billion people on the planet consider to be the Son of God. Does she think that by doing this it will motivate anti-semites to like Jewish people? But I don’t really think she cares because it’s all a joke to her and she’s making money on it, so she’s laughing all the way to the bank. Joke after joke after joke, it’s all a joke. Is anything serious to her? Is the holocaust serious? Does she think that her mocking of Jesus will help the Jewish people in some strange way? Why doesn’t she mock Mohammed? I’ll tell you why, because she’s afraid of getting a “fatwa” put on her, and some Muslim might actually hurt her, or even kill her. But she knows it won’t happen if she makes fun of Jesus. Sarah if you’re reading this, and I doubt you are, stop the Jesus jokes. You’re insulting Christians, and doing your own people a lot of harm.

  2. annelouise says:

    Yea she’s good – She’s good at licking the jelly off her boyfriends dick. Hey, she said it first….

  3. LokeGoddess says:

    Avoiding the fact that there is no such thing as divinity, it is doubtful that Jesus even existed. The only historical articles referring to the fellow were written a great many years after his supposed “death.” I mean, you’d think that someone as interesting as Jesus would be noted by historians in his own time.

  4. Max says:

    I have to agree with John the Baptist. Sarah Silverman mocking Jesus certainly helps not to change a determined-minded Anti-Semite’s stance towards Jews and the Jewish perspective of Christianity. This does indeed harm the Jews.
    Ms. Silverman is funniest when she makes of the Jewish people, but it’s never done in such a manner that would remotely appeal to the Anti-Semite who would re-consider his outlook and general disposition towards the Jews. I’m sure Ms. Silvmerman is well aware of the often critical (and uncomfortable)situation she is involved in everytime she does her stand-up routine, but she doesn’t deem it necessary – yet – to resolve towards a more conventional, politically correct, form of satire. She’s young (well,…almost 40), right at the height of her wit and fame. So it’s only a matter of time before she settles to “tone down” for our sake (and her’s too!).

  5. John D. Baptist says:

    LokeGoddess: Even if you don’t believe in God or Jesus, other people do, well over 1 billion, in official numbers, so her insulting Jesus insults them, especially if he is who they hold most dear to their hearts. And the fact that she is doing this is hurting the Jewish people, which she is a member of, since it insights anti-semitism and gets people angry. The Jewish people have suffered enough, without this filthy mouthed comedian making it worse, so she can make a buck….many bucks actually.

  6. John D. Baptist says:

    LokeGoddess: How do you know if there is no such thing as divinity…or that Jesus existed. Actually non-Christians, like Josephus, who was Jewish, did mention him in their writings during the first century. And the gospels were written not long after Jesus, 3 of them by people who knew him intimately. Shows how much you know about history. But this message board is about Sarah, not you, and the bottom line is she’s making money insulting the faith of people, but not her own.

  7. Joshua Joseph says:

    I’d like to see Sarah mock the Talmud. That would be funny.

  8. Joshua Joseph says:

    Please delete one of my multiple postings, it wouldn’t post the firs time, so I tried a second time. Sorry.

  9. Joshua Joseph says:

    I’m sorry to anyone I might offend by mentioning the Talmud, but I don’t see how Sarah can mock Jesus and say its okay, and then have others say that its not okay for me to say anything negative about the Talmud.

  10. Joshua Joseph says:

    Please delete all my postings. I don’t want to offend anybody…unlike Sarah.

  11. LokeGoddess says:

    the reference to Jesus left by Josephus is disputed and ;lacks credible origins. And about the divinity thing: how do you know there is such a thing as divinity? How can one disprove something that hasn’t been proven? You can’t take away proof that isn’t there. Something has to be proven before it can be disproven.

    But I’d rather not argue with you. If you want to belive in Jesus then thats totally cool with me. I don’t think any less of you because you’re a christian (just as I would hope that you wouldn’t think any less of me because I am an athiest). I’m not being sarcastic, btw (in case it sounds like I’m trying to mock you).

  12. LokeGoddess says:

    One last thing. The date that the texts in the bible referring to jesus were written is not known.

    Sorry, but I couldn’t just let that be.

  13. jackie says:

    do most comedy shows cost so much? danm 170 dollars i really want to go but man

  14. SSO says:

    Nope, the FSU event is only $20. About that much for Penn State also. I think it just depends on the venue.

  15. jackie says:

    AAAAAhhhhhh this sucks i wish it cost 20 bucks in miami ….. jesus… if i drive all the way to fsu it’ll cost me more then 170

  16. John D. Baptist says:

    Lokegoddess: This is not the correct forum to be discussing when the New Testament was written. But I have an MA in History and I’ve studied this in detail. There are other writings out there outside of the New Testament which verify who wrote those books and when. There is Clement, Ignatius, the Didache, Polycarp, the Muratorian fragment, etc, etc, etc. There is a ton of ancient literature out there which will tell you that most of the NT was written within 35 years after the death of Jesus, and a few books after that date. The entire thing was done by 95 AD. Are you saying that all these sources are unreliable? History is not a vacuum with no ancient writings in existence to prove what happened. There are a ton of sources out there, both Christian and non-Christian. Even the Talmud discusses Jesus as being a person who really lived, even though it denounces him.

  17. LokeGoddess says:

    yes, I am saying that the things you brought up are unreliable and that is something that I will never agree with you on. I get that, can we just move on?

  18. John D. Baptist says:

    Lokegoddess: Yes I get what you are saying. Some people want to deny history, no matter how much proof there is in historical documents and ancient literature. It’s like people who deny that the Holocaust ever happened. Some people have a chip on their shoulder against God. I used to know this Wiccan girl who hated Christianity. She didn’t just not agree with it, she absolutely hated it. I could tell that there was something in her past which caused this attitude, but I never found out what it was. It’s like she had to hate God for some reason, or her life would not be complete. Believing in the “mother-goddess”, with all the politically correct notions in modern Wiccanism, made it all well somehow. Like she had something to prove to the world. I suspect that you have similar tendancies, but instead of going to Wicca, you’re just an atheist. It’s up to you. You can do whatever you like. It’s your eternity. Do with it whatever you please. So I agree, let’s drop it and move on. I know a little about Sarah Silverstein from what I’ve read, but I suspect, from what I know about her, that she has issues as well, hence all her talk of depression and using Zoloft(if this information is incorrect, then I’m sorry, but that’s what I’ve read). I think that there’s something she needs to prove to the world, and she’s doing it with her style of comedy. If someone gets upset she can say that it’s just a joke, and it’s easy to say that the person getting upset is wrong, since he/she should be able to take a joke. I read that Sarah Silverstein has struggled with depression and takes Zoloft. I suspect that all this is part of the chip she has on her shoulder against Christianity, and why she needs to mock Jesus with her brand of humor. Then she smiles and expects everyone to be okay with it. No matter how much you say that it is satire, in the end it seems like she’s just getting her hostilies out. I could be wrong, but that’s just my take on it all.

  19. John D. Baptist says:

    PS: I still think Sarah Silverstein is cute.

  20. Max says:

    Her name is Sarah “Silverman” not “Silverstein”.
    I think that Christianity is a wonderful religion, as is Judaism and Islam. It’s very sad to see these three great religions at war with one another because it goes against their underlying principles, which is to love and help one another at all times. Those are their underlying principles, right?

  21. John D. Baptist says:

    OOPS, did I write Silverstein….sorry, my bad.

  22. LokeGoddess says:

    Look, buddy, the documents you bring up are still being debated as to their factuality (and are therefore not official historical cannon) you jackass. They are not definite history (especially the parts that come from the bible). I hate to be rude like that, but I’m sick and tired of reading your passive agressive documents. I’m done responding to you, so you can take your head as far up your ass as you want from here with the comments.

    PS. I’m sorry, but it seems I only cared enough to read a little of your respone. Whatever else you said I did not read. I apologize about that.

  23. LokeGoddess says:

    And I don’t hate Christianity. I hate people like you. You couldn’t ever know how hard a time I’ve been having getting this across to people. You cross the line when you try to psychoanalyse a person. You got it dead wrong. I grew up in a religious environment, but my parents were okay with my atheism.

    Finally, before I leave and let you post your last, doubtlessly passive agressive comment directed twoards me, I must say this: your come very close to claiming that there is a mountain of evidence that makes atheism false. I find this amusing. But I have nothing to prove to you and, therefore, must admit that it was childish of me to start this arguemnt with you (especially after claiming that I do not care what you believe) and must, as i have said before, quit with this, as I have gained nothing from this. Goodnight to you sir.

  24. LokeGoddess says:

    OI’m sorry, but I must pose one last question:does the D. in your screen name stand for “Doe” (as in “John Doe)”? I’m curious.

  25. John D. Baptist says:

    Lokegoddess: Is the “loke” in your name supposed to mean Lokie, the god of evil in Germanic mythology? BTW, I think you got lipstick all over your coffee cup. OOPS!! And yes, there is a ton of overbearing evidence to disprove atheism, while proving that God definitely exists, just look out the window and tell me where all that stuff came from….or even more simply, tell me how something as complex as the human brain created itself out of nothing? Like a laptop Dell computer creating itself out of nothing. I don’t think so. But I really don’t want to get into it because its pointless with people who are dead set against the possibility of God existing. I’m sure you’ve heard of what Jesus said: Don’t throw pearls to swi… (I’m not gonna say it….I don’t want to hurt your feelings). Ahhh, no, it’s okay. I don’t need to prove anything to you, and I don’t care what you think anyhow…just had to add that little tidbit….How is the Avon lady doing? How much did you buy this month? Oh yeah, the “D” in the middle of my name stands for Dirk. It almost stood for Dirk Diggler, but my mom stopped short of that….No you moron, it’s a way of saying “John The Baptist”….get it? “D”, as in “the”. You know?…the forerunner of Jesus from the Gospels….haven’t you ever read that? Guess not…Maybe you’ver heard of the musical Godspell…Prepare ye the way of the Lord…? One crying out in the wilderness….? Huh?

  26. boogie-boogie says:

    If you don’t like what she says, or are offended by it, then don’t listen! Its really not that hard.

    And Sara, you are awesome!!! Keep it up

  27. John doe the non baptist says:

    Boogie Boogie has a point
    1/ Jesus was Jewish (people like it or not) , and so is Sarah. She can mock the jews, so she can also mock Jesus….
    2/ Jesus was not married at 33 ( that corresponds to 80 today)
    3/ he had no girlfriend, (but possibly a whore)
    4/ He thought his mother was a virgin
    5/What does that possibly mean (hint: was he sentenced to death for homosexuality by holy rollers?)
    6/ All that is narrated about 400 years after his supposed death (we never found a body…), none of the gospels were ever written by anybody who ever met him.
    7/ If people believe in grapevine stories, what kind of world do we live in?

  28. John doe the non baptist says:

    it’s like the fifties (said Sarah herself….)

  29. John D. Baptist says:

    John Doe: You’re an idiot and a pig. You know absolutely nothing about history. The first 3 gospels were written within 30 years of Jesus’ death. The last gospel was written within 60 years of his death, by a man who knew him intimately. Three of the gospels were written by men who knew him intimately. You know nothing about history and I suspect that you are a person who has been on this site under a different name. Sarah might be Jewish, but the Jewish people, for the most part, reject Jesus and the Talmud says horrible things about him, so no, she has no right to mock him. Get an education and shut up.

  30. John D. Baptist says:

    John Doe: Where did you ever get the idea that he may have had a lover who was a pro? The gospels never say that Mary Magdelene was a pro. Never. That was a myth that was created in the Dark Ages. Shows how much you know about history and the gospels.

  31. John doe the non baptist says:

    John D Baptist is not exactly informed. It is thanks to people like him that the US has gone back down into the dark ages in the last few years
    After the utterly ridiculous Mel Gibson movie about the hypothetical life of Jesus,the European scholars and Media demonstrated with all the historical facts and forcefully that none of the tens of Gospels were written by anybody who might have witnessed his hypothetical life. Perhaps you may want to brush up on your German, French and English and read the history of the Gospels (of which only a very few were retained by the dark Catholic church in the dark ages), the ones that John D might or might not have read.
    Anyway, this is yet another example of retardedness of some people in the US that want to have us believe that they can monopolize opinions and the Truth.
    Thanks Sarah for mocking these people,
    “What kind of world do we live in where a totally cute white girl cannot make fun of these people on network Television? It s like the 50ies”
    John D, go back to the deep South and stay there, most everybody else has moved on from obscurantism.

  32. John D. Baptist says:

    John Doe: I’m not going to continue arguing with you. I’m so happy that you’ve read about the history of the Gospels and say that there were only a few that the dark Catholic Church had in the dark ages. But I guess you’re ignoring the many copies of the gospels which were held in the East by the Orthodox Church, and in Africa by the Coptic Church and the Ethiopian Church, and in East Asia by the Nestorian Church, during the last 2 thousand years. The fact that it was the most popular book around, even in the dark ages, doesn’t seem to give you the hint on the fact that there were many copies around that were held by kings, princes, bishops, common clergymen, and even laymen. The fact that it was copied by tons of people in those ages doesn’t impress you. The many so-called other gospels you refer to, which I have read, were gnostic gospels. But what doesn’t impact your thinking, or the thinking of many revisionist historians, is that this was a group which was separate from the Christian Church and that their gospels were written in later centuries, unlike the Christian gospels which were all written in the first century, and are mentioned and quoted by tons of men who wrote in the second and third centuries. But all my facts are really lost on deaf ears. People will believe whatever they want to believe, no matter how much historical evidence to the contrary. Works of fiction, like the Davinci Code, create false beliefs in the minds of the ignorant, who simply want to believe the fake history put forth by revisionists.

  33. John D. Baptist says:

    John Doe: Oh, I forgot to mention the infancy gospels. Oh yeah. The bits of legendary literature written by orthodox Christians, but which everyone knew were written late in the second and third centuries, but were never considered as canonical or on the same level as the real gospels. But you don’t know any thing about the real history of Christianity, just the crap that revisionist historians have thrown out there. So what does it matter?

  34. John D. Baptist says:

    John Doe: If you really want to do any research on Christian literature from the first and second century, look up the writings of men such as Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp, Irenaeus, Origen, Justin Martyr. Even look up the Muratorian Fragment. This is all literature from the first and second century which talks about the gospels written in the first century and quotes from them. History is not a lost vacuum, in which professional historians don’t know when things were written. There is lots of documentation for when things were written and how they were viewed in those times. To say that the gospels were written 400 years after the fact is insanity to any real historian. Even an amateur historian knows better. You may have read some garbage here and there and you think you’re really intelligent. But do some real historical research and don’t talk out of your butttt.

  35. John doe the non baptist says:

    My dear John D Baptist,
    how very unchristian of you to use insults and language such as pig; talk out of your butt and all the rest of it.
    May I remind you that the christian spirit is supposed to be tolerance, kindness and charity.
    I see none of this in your language and attitude. In fact , I wonder what really makes you christian and poor, vulgar and boring verbiage is not it…
    I have decided that intolerance and ignorance are best left ignored;
    Besides , all the names you are quoting to buttress your argument are illustrious unknowns, who could not really contribute to any real theology debate.
    What would Jesus do on Oct 28?
    Well being Jewish, he would forgive you, then he would drive his golden Lexus registered in Florida to play bingo in the afternoon, and then he would take Mary Magdalene Rosenstreich to watch Sarah laugh at the expense of people like you…
    Go Sarah; we love you!

  36. John D. Baptist says:

    No, they are not “illustrious unknowns”. They are quite well known to real historians of that time period and subject. But not by quacks who revise history with lies they make up off the top of their heads.

  37. Joshua Joseph says:


    Bernie: Hi grandma, meet my new girlfriend. Her name is Megan O’Flanagan.

    Grandma: What? A shiksa? A goy? You bring the Shoah into my home? Why don’t you just stick a knife in my heart and marry a Palestinian?

    Bernie: No grandma. Her father’s Irish, but her mom is Jewish.

    Grandma: Oh that’s different. Hi Megan. You know, I don’t care if your father is Irish. We’re very tolerant people.

  38. Joshua Joseph says:

    Those poor fools:

    Grandpa: Bernie, look at all those poor dumb Christians. They give money to their ministers, and those guys make about 70,000 per year on average.

    Bernie: Grandpa, that’s not that bad. That’s what a low level professional makes. And those guys need a college education to do that job. By the way how much does your rebbi make?

    Grandpa: What are you talking about? The rebbi makes over 100K, but he IS a professional. Do you know how much learning you need to be a rebbi? You got the spend years engrossed in deep Talmudic study. That’s not easy. Those ministers are just con artists.

  39. Joshua Joseph says:

    You’re confusing me grandpa:

    Bernie: Grandpa, don’t be mad. I love you, but I’ve decided to accept Jesus Christ and go into the ministry.

    Grandpa: What? Are you meshug? You’ve become a traitor? You’ve joined the enemy?

    Bernie: But grandpa, there are a lot of Messianic Jews these days who keep their traditions and also believe in Yeshua as Messiah.

    Grandpa: But how are you ever going to make a living doing that?

    Bernie: I thought you said that ministers make about 70,000 per year on average.

    Grandpa: Yeah, if they have a big congregation and they’re the senior pastor. But a lot of these guys have to work two jobs and get paid next to nothing. Can you support a family on 40,000 or less.

    Bernie: I don’t understand you grandpa. Your facts keep changing.

    Grandpa: Listen Bernie. Why don’t you go into pre-law or pre-med studies. Worst case senario you can be a Reformed Rebbi and still make a good living. Each Jewish family has to pay to be members in the schul, and high holy days bring in a lot of cash. With the Christians its all up to whatever people wanna give and that’s no sure thing.

    Bernie: I thought you said it’s all a con act and they make a lot of money. I don’t get you grandpa.

  40. Mr. Lipstick says:

    I think this argument needs some lipstick. I think Mr. John Doe should put some kosher lipstick on his dick and learn how to not knock Christianity. Yeah….that sounds good.

    When it comes to the other guys. Well, I like Jesus, even if I’m vulgar, so koodoes for you two.

    Hey, who else was good enough to die for humanity? Who else spoke the words he did? Even the Jews have to admit that his words were blessed, even if they don’t believe them.

  41. John doe the non baptist says:

    Madame Lipstick, you must be a porn again Christian, and notwithstanding your extreme vulgarity, I find it extremely cute that some (easily influenced) people still think that Jesus died for humanity. If he did, I am not sure what he achieved apart from the massacres of Jews, protestants, men of science and innocents by the multiple intolerant churches that feign ( and sure failed) to represent his ideas.
    “Jesus saved the world”. From What? 80% of mankind today does not believe in him (Chinese and Indians account for about 40 % already). Are these people all bad?
    The poor thing’s “clacking birkenstocks” are not heard in the streets of Hong Kong, Delhi, Tokyo, and less and less in Paris , London, New York and the rest of the civilized world. Thank Goodness!
    Unfortunately, he did not save you from yourself and the rest of you!
    Now present the other cheek…. Is there porn in heaven? I sure hope so for your own sake.

  42. Michelle says:

    She’s just part of the ZIONIST agenda to get rid of Jesus. The Bible said these times would come. She should rot in hell. I hate her.

    Read about the real haters here. “Anti-Semite” = anyone that dares to question the zionist agenda. It’s made up nonsense. Jews aren’t Semites. No one has the balls to post the truth.

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  44. Bret Terry says:

    The man so many call “Jesus”, should have carried the name Yahshua. In all my life, I never met or heard of a Jewish child named Jesus?! So if you follow Christianity, you should have NO hate, and if your an anti-semite, you only prove to always be a bonavide a–hole. Your disdain and hatery crucifies “The Christ” again. You continue to carry reituals and practices done BEFORE the cross, and you carry all that bullshit on this side of the cross. He, (Yahshua, Elohim, God, Jesus whatever) has to be scratching his head saying, “they still don’t get it?!, and I tried to make it simple!?!” What should be questioned are the “editors” of the Bible.

    “Noble Princess” keep smiling.

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