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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07


Sarah will be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando on October 27th. Click here for tickets.

5 Responses to “Stand-Up: Hard Rock Cafe – Orlando”

I have front row, center tickets!!!! YIPPEE!! :)

Suits me, I go and don’t expect any return back. I volunteer to watch this too if I can.

I went to the show on the at the Hard Rock Cafe on the 27th. The little bit we saw of Sarah was funny, but the show only lasted thirty-some minutes. Who was the dick Sarah referred to, and what did he do? Was he the reason for the early exit? I will remain a fan, but am disappointed….

the show was short, but good. doug benson was great also. the ‘dick’ was video taping her-i believe that was the problem. i’m glad i didn’t pay the price at the filmore if it is supposed to be the same show, but the hard rock show was good.

thank you for posting that. my sister and i were trying to figure out who the dick was also. did you see the fight afterwards too? i think it was the same guy. it was really insane!

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