Angelina Jolie on The Sarah Silverman Program?


Sarah Silverman recently had an interview with US Weekly saying that Angelina Jolie may have an appearance on The Sarah Silverman Program!

Read the interview here.

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39 Responses to Angelina Jolie on The Sarah Silverman Program?

  1. Amy says:

    I really don’t care what she does at this point….Her comments about Britney at the VMA’s was crude and utterly imature…you don not speak about peoples childeren! What is wrong with you. Way out of line Missy.

  2. annelouise says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it, but I would wonder why.

  3. Maria Rosa says:

    I just read where sarah silverman said this:

    “I hope the Jews did kill Christ…
    I’d do it again. I’d fucking do it again—in a second.”

    –Sarah Silverman, Jewish-American comedienne, raised in corrosive, anti-Christ environment of Talmudic Jewish thinking”

    Is this true? Did sarah really say this?

    I don’t like sarah silverman as it is..!!!!

  4. K says:

    I read an article in which Silverman said she was “just in it to be funny.” Her monologue at the VMA’s was anything but funny, it was malicious and vulgar. It’s pretty sad when your monologue is trashier than the person your trashing. Did she honestly think what she said wasn’t hurtful or offensive? Hss her mediocre career made her void of feeling and common sense? Sarah, the next time you visit the gutter for your material, say hi to your career for me.

  5. Megan Shannon Rose says:

    Dear Amy, your a dookie whore.
    Sarah got payed to make fun of people- it’s what she does incase you didn’t notice.
    If you don’t like it change the fucking channel or lighten up you nun-cunt.

    p.s. – K, your just a dumb-ass like Amy.

  6. Adam says:


    all of those comment that just start out with “Sarah is not funny” make me laugh.

    I guess not everyone has a sense of humor.

  7. Noname says:

    I heard Sarah Silverman was responsible for the Holocaust, Hurracain Katrina, The death of Jesus Christ, The Jenna 6, Chinese lead poisoning and Barney the Dinosaur.

    Is this true? Is it? Please tell me, I really need to know so i can pray for her and do other associated horse shit.

  8. John D. Baptist says:

    Sarah loves to mock Jesus. I’d like to hear her mock Moses, or Elijah, or even Maimonades, who is known affectionately as Rambam….hey, that sounds like Bambam from the Flintstones…ha, ha, ha….maybe she can use that in her act….after all, it’s only a joke, right?

  9. John D. Baptist says:

    Megan Shannon Rose: What a filthy mouth you have. Does your boyfriend know about this….uh, I guess he does, since he’s had a few organs in it.

  10. SSO says:

    John-D-Baptist, please do not repeat the same comment in another post (you posted the same thing in several). It’s called spamming.

  11. John D. Baptist says:

    Noname: No Sarah was not responsible for those things, but it’s people like her who insight things like that. It’s people like her that create anti-semitism, by mocking Christians and Jesus, and then cry “why”?, when they get hurt. I’d like to see her mock Mohammed, but she won’t, because if she did she’d get a “fatwa” declared against her and some Muslim would end her life.

  12. John D. Baptist says:

    SSO: I thought it was known as cramming…

  13. Joshua Joseph says:

    Angelina Zho-lee…?

  14. John D. Baptist says:

    Joshua, You’re right, if Sarah really did say that she would kill Christ again if given the chance, then it shows how she has no respect for other people. She’s said that she suffers from depression and takes Zoloft. What is her problem? Does she need to insult others to feel happy? Or is it just her Talmudic upbringing? I read Israel Shahak’s book as well. If anyone is interested, just go to any bookstore and find Israel Shahak’s book: Jewish History, Jewish Religion. It’s a tell all book about the racism and hatred found in the Talmud.

  15. lalaloti says:

    John D Baptist: No one is interested in your religious bullshit. Sarah was not raised in a Talmudic home, she is a secular Jew so stop repeating THE SAME FUCKING THING! Maybe you should go and read some books on irony and satire. that is all

  16. Lionel says:

    Maria Rosa & John D. Baptist? Can you find its footage and post it somewhere??? If you can’t find its footage then it will be seditious libel. I’m waiting.

  17. Candyman Jesus says:

    Let’s smoothen the environment everyone: I am not after Angelina Jolie because Brad Pitt is a nice fella and he is not atheist, Jew or Scientologist.

    Jesus Christ

  18. John D. Baptist says:

    Lionel, I didn’t say that she did, I said “if” she did…learn how to read before you start making accusations. My exact words were “if Sarah really did say”…I’m not accusing anybody of anything, I’m responding to what someone else said by saying if. Do you understand….I’m waiting…

  19. John D. Baptist says:

    Hey Lionel, is noname also guilty of seditious libel? I’m waiting….

  20. Lionel says:

    Let me check out if you posted the same message to other boards first lol Okay, apologies.

  21. John D. Baptist says:

    Why was Joshua’s other posting deleted. I liked it. Did it offend the censor? If Sarah can mock without being censored, then I think her website should allow it.

  22. SSO says:

    I only delete comments if they comment the same thing in more than one post (what I consider to be spam). Also, after the VMAs some Sarah-bashers were writing certain words about 300 times in the same post, so there are now some trigger words that will make the comment go into a spam folder. I apologize if there is any delay or deletion with your comments. I try to be fair and allow all opinions to be expressed.

  23. John D. Baptist says:

    Sarah, I’m sorry if I offended you or your fans. I just don’t like the fact that you find it necessary to make money by mocking Jesus. Do you have any idea how important he is to millions of people around the world, actually over one billion people. And I don’t see why you so freely mock him, but I’ve yet to hear about you mocking Mohammed or your own religious background. I still think you are very attractive. That’s all for now….

  24. Chris says:

    John, she only has one Jesus joke that I know of (which was in the movie). If you REALLY want to see some offensive material go to

  25. Jason says:

    “When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him.”
    ~Thomas Szasz

    Sarah knows better than anyone that nobody is off limits to humor. Her humor is actually not racist, but a joke about racism. She also tries to say things that are so ridiculous that nobody could possibly believe she is telling the truth. The quote about killing jesus again was actually from her movie, Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic. If you saw the way she said it, with her timing and intonation, you would know that she was kidding. Her persona is to be the most ridiculous idiot ever. She is saying these things to make fun of those people who actually think this. So, from now on, any critisisms about sarah should be directed to her persona, not sarah as herself. Just like stephen colbert pretends to be republican, it makes for better comedy to pretend to be a type of person (in sarah’s case an ignorant racist), and then say stupid things. This is what satire is.

  26. Kristyloo hoo says:

    I think anyone who comes on a website just to give an unwanted opinion about someone they dont even like, should just go on a website of the person they love, and write nice things about them.

    It makes absolutely no sense at all. If you dont like it, close your eyes, and open them to something that fancies your little poopy hole.

    also, sarah in my opinion is a fucking genius & clearly doesnt give a fuck what anyone thinks unless its in her best interest, which is solely how almost every human is, really, unless they are a kiss ass.

    either way, this woman is a hero of mine, and i came on a website of a person that i admire, and said something nice.

    hope you learn a lesson here, cuz opinions only count where they are wanted.

    nuff said.

    Big S rocks my vag.

  27. John D. Baptist says:

    Lionel, is Jason also making a statement which is seditious libel? He said that the quote was from her movie, but did he really prove it? I’m waiting…Sorry, to keep harping on the “seditious libel” statement, but I’m having a hard time believing that someone actually wrote that. I thought this was a fan site message board where people share ideas and opinions, whether favorable or not (not so favorable in my case), and not a board where someone makes a legal allegation against someone else.

  28. John D. Baptist says:

    Thank you Jason for setting things straight. I don’t like Sarah mocking Jesus, but you put things into a better perspective. Maybe I overreacted, maybe not. But what you just posted is probably the best thing which has been posted on this board so far.

  29. John D. Baptist says:

    PS: I still don’t see the need to have this type of humor about Jesus. And if she’s going to do that, she should also use Mohammed and her own faith for her form of humor, just to be fair. It might be considered satire, but to some people it is going too far. Anyhow, I thought this was about Angelina Jolie…how’s Jon Voight?

  30. LokeGoddess says:

    Who gives a damn wheter you think that we need a certain type of humor? When you start taking things off of television because they offend a certain group of people, that is a sign of fast-approching fascism. Besides, christians say things on their channels that offend me (especially the stuff about me burning in hell purely based on my lack of belief in Yahweh regardless of my moral character), but you don’t see athiests such as myself banding together trying to get these christian shows and channels off the air.

    being offended is everyone’s right, but censoring what others see is not anyone’s right.

  31. Ann says:

    This is what Sarah Silverman said about the negative response she got when she used Britney Spears children in her VMA act….”I don’t want to get into feuds with girls half my age. I’m in it to be funny and not for the drama. It’s embarrassing.” What is wrong with you Sarah Silverman? What you need to be is embarrassed about what you said about helpless children on television. I see post saying that these children dont know what is being said, but they’ll find out when they get older. You made a big mistake, not only did you offend “the girls half my age” but you also offended parents and others. As for mocking Jesus Christ, im not even going there. Shame on you Sarah Silverman.

  32. John D. Baptist says:

    Lokegoddess: Why don’t you put on some more lipstick?

  33. John D. Baptist says:

    Sarah, are you making fun of Britney Spears? Oh well, that’s one topic I don’t care about. Angelina Jolie on the other hand….hmmmm? She was married to Billy Bob and they carried around each others blood around their necks. And more recently she stoled Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston. Hmmm? Well, I don’t really follow this stuff too much. I’m too concerned with work and school. I wonder how Jennifer Aniston treated Brad in that he left her so easily when he met Angelina. Maybe Jennifer should have adopted a few third world children instead of trying to have her own. Maybe that would have kept Brad around. And when it comes to Jon Voight (Angelina’s father), where is the “h” in his name, and did George Costanza really buy his car?




  35. LokeGoddess says:

    What does lipstick have to do with censorship?

  36. rod says:

    Sarah is an original, hysterical, multi-talented lightning rod of a comedienne who drops politically incorrect time bombs on a mind-numbed public. I find her thought-provoking, intelligent and immensely entertaining. Anyone who doesn’t needs to pull the stick out of their ass and realize that it’s COMEDY! If it’s not your cup of tea…don’t watch! I’m sure Pauly Shore or Carrot-top would appreciate your support.

  37. ficklepickle says:

    Oh wow…Great examples of how religion can make some people crazy!

    Yes, Sarah DID make fun of Jesus and Britney and jews and blacks and whatever. And she would fucking do it again – in a second!!!!!!!



  39. ChildOGod says:

    I want to be behind Sarah in line on Judgment Day. I have GOT to hear how she explains this one to God.

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