Season Two Trailer

Here is the Comedy Central trailer for Season Two of The Sarah Silverman Program. It shows some hilarious clips from the upcoming episodes.

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10 Responses to Season Two Trailer

  1. Chad says:

    Haha…this season looks even more hilarious! “Sss…Sexually.”

  2. Mr. Spooky Head says:

    Your sexy as hell yo. When you gone let a nigga get some snatch? Or we can just play internet scrabble. Peace

  3. sara says:

    This has me worried. Where is Officer Jay? He is good lookin’. Is O.J. gay in real life, as are 99.9 to 100 % of men in theatre? Oh well, I don’t have a chance anyway. Go Laura!

  4. natiloveSarahSilverman says:

    OMG! hahahahahaha Jesus!! I don’t even know what to say…this is the best show ever!!

  5. David says:

    Can I get a dvd of the last 3 seconds?

  6. Howard says:

    What if Officer Jay comes in civvies or with costume of a sailor, a mechanic or a cowboy, like Village People? There is no warranty for him I guess. What he is determined is that he won’t be as lonely as Frasier was after Lilith. He needs any chance of access to show so love him unconditionally if you really do, Laura. 😀

  7. DjT says:

    SSP and Cast are dishing it again with their out of bounds backspin and break-point love racket!
    Also Doug is coming back??! I am sure alot of household pets and strays are wondering where he is going to lead the show next. The park, a new toy, or dig up some skeletons in the neighbors yard?
    His season one performance and cameos gave just enough for them to chew on, and yarn to play with.

  8. Missouljah-C says:

    YAY! this is even funnier than the first.

  9. LokeGoddess says:

    I cannot wait for Wednesday. Wednesday shall be an awesome day. Unfortunately, next Tuesday is bound to suck.

  10. Megan Shannon Rose says:

    lol I’ll be ‘white black’ lmao

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