Sarah Silverman Program DVD Review

sspdvdthumb.jpg gave an in-depth review of The Sarah Silverman Program season one DVD. The best part is that they gave a glimpse of what to expect from the special features including the commentaries, musical performances, easter eggs, and never-been-seen animated sequences. – SSP DVD Review

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4 Responses to Sarah Silverman Program DVD Review

  1. renee strauss says:

    Sarah is awesomly funny. But her jokes about Britney and her children at the VMA were just too mean spirited. She has lost me as a fan

  2. Sara says:

    Sarah, your jokes about Brittney and Paris WERE funny. You, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Le Petomaine, and Pootie Tang make the best comedy ever. Keep it up. Oh, and Officer Jay is sexy.

  3. gary cole says:

    Dear Sarah,

    Don’t give your comments about Britney a concerned thought. Those who are speaking ill of you don’t mind doing the same. So don’t even worry about being so PC.

    Best regards,

  4. DJ says:

    Sarah, the comedy you do is refreshing!! The stuff about Britney is true and obviously the truth hurts sometimes. Keep up the awesome jokes!!

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