The Howard Stern Show

howardsternshow.jpgSarah Silverman will be on The Howard Stern Show on October 1st. Check it out on Sirius radio or Howard Stern On Demand (check with your local cable company for availablility).

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4 Responses to The Howard Stern Show

  1. Gavin says:

    Radio studios have always been my fantasy. I would lick and give oral to my host, have sex with her and everybody would hear it but couldn’t see it. I love radio studios.

  2. Jeff says:

    She makes a total ass of herself on the MTV Award Show, and she gets rewarded with this? Howard, what happened to you? You used to be able to tell funny from trash. It’s probably just because Sara is so fine looking, but it’s sad nonetheless.

  3. annelouise says:

    now THIS is where she belongs!!! Maybe she can get a job on Howard’s show when no one else wants her around!
    She can lick the jelly off of his dick! Hey, she said it first…..

  4. Joe says:

    Jeff’s right, she’s fine. Sometimes witty, but usually just irreverent for the sake of it. But fine, yeah, she’s better than most

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