Abortion Promo Clip & More

The abortion clip from the new season of The Sarah Silverman Program has been officially released by Comedy Central. Check it out:

Also check out these other cool videos promoting the new season:

Sarah and Laura Sing
Steve Agee’s Hidden Talent
“I’ll Kill You in Your Sleep”

Don’t forget – the 2nd season airs October 3rd!!!

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45 Responses to Abortion Promo Clip & More

  1. annie says:

    silverman is sux… a real comedian doesn’t have to pick on people to be funny..if she wants to talk about someone she should talk about herself.. her appearance at the vma was lame as hell.. she needs to get new materials..

  2. lalalaloti says:

    gotta love the illiterate haters…anyway these videos are great, I especially loved the wig in the late 80s part of the montage. Who knew abortion could be so damned endearing with the simple addition of a Green Day song.

  3. Jamie says:

    Wow, usually when I go to the abortion clinic I have to wait like 30 minutes. Where does she go? She just walks into the clinic and doesn’t even have to sit down. The receptionist where I go is called Nadine and she usually looks at me in a weird way and never smiles or anything. The doctor there is okay but he’s really old.

  4. Gavin says:

    For her to really go to an abortion clinic, she first needs to be knocked up. I volunteer, of course she may consider to retain the child.

  5. Dylan says:

    Hey, sleeping beauties, want a kiss? Post something, got lambchops in BBQ. Fire up the grill.

  6. Why is this even remotely considered comedy?

  7. Message to tall man says:

    Yo, tall man, let me get who I want and will bring yours alongside, what do you say? Come on, I am more educated among us both so mine has to count. Everyone says I’m the best…

  8. Listen to Laura Ingraham.

    Her website is:

  9. Message to tall man says:

    Mine is not interest in one person; a matter of profile rather, to ease you.

  10. Message to tall man says:

    Tall man has left discussion, he leaves the computer across my table 😀 BTW Laura’s monkey is funny…

  11. There is something definitely wrong in this country when it is okay to air a “comedy sketch” on the killing of a helpless, unborn child. Abortion is wrong.. Period, end of statement.

  12. Sarah Silverman needs her moral compass adjusted and overhauled. She is doing a “sketch” about a place where innocent, unborn children are killed. They had no say in it. Ms Silverman chooses instead to make fun of it. That is sick.

    Enjoy your latte at Starbucks.

  13. Stefan says:

    the abortion song is hillarious.

    you could have a serious discussion about abortion I guess, but not on a comedy fan site and definitely not with someone who links to laura ingraham.

  14. ficklepickle says:

    Hey Ferrell!
    USA and the whole world would be a much better place if you could decide about EVERYTHING, right? At least everything that is allowed on tv.(that was sarcasm, in case you can´t tell)
    Believe or not, there are lot bigger problems in the US than a little sketch. Why don´t you tell me what is ok to laugh about? I´m curios. I´m sure you think it´s only ok to laugh about puppies playing but I say it´s important make comedy about serious matters now and again to reveal the absurdity of life and actually make people think and discuss like Sarah does with her material. If you don´t think it´s funny, that´s another thing but don´t tell others what they can or can´t laugh at.

  15. ficklepickle says:

    great, i wrote that for about 15 minutes and now it´s gone. good. great. thanks.

    I´m so depressed i wanna go have an abortion right now. And I´m not even pregnant.

  16. Stefan says:

    @12…I guess she should have included a statement like “no unborn children were harmed in making this sketch” so you guys don’t freak out

  17. Stefan says:

    @15, get tested for HIV if you need good news 😉
    (sarah in 1st season)

  18. Ha Ha Ha it’s all very funny. I suppose if Sarah did a comedy sketch that took place inside a concentration camp and sang a few songs about being put to death that would be considered priceless as well….

    I pray that most of you know what a concentration camp is..

  19. Stefan says:

    @18, I guess fred thompson supporters like you are into a different kind of humor.
    real life humor.
    e.g. lobbying for pro-choice organisations and then running as a tough pro-life persidential candidate.

  20. Dude do a spell check. It’s Presidential not “persidential”.

    We all have changes of heart. I was pro-choice at one time as well. Then I realized that killing babies because they are an inconvenience is just plain wrong.

  21. really. says:

    I love it when people describe abortion as “killing a helpless, unborn child” like Ferrell does above. They try to make it sound the same as someone taking a knife to a six-month-old and disembowelling him. I think the best way to view abortion is to compare it to euthanizing a pet. You’re essentially doing the same thing in both cases–doing what’s best for the subject involved using the most humane procedure developed to date. Now, before anyone goes off about “How do you know what’s best for the fetus?” consider this: isn’t it better to terminate a pregnancy than to raise a child under terrible circumstances? Or to give it up so that it can wonder about its real parents once it becomes old enough to understand the concept of adoption?

  22. Stefan says:

    @20, so you had a change of heart and now you try to impose your opinion on others by law.
    nobody forces you to do abortions or to have one.
    (or to watch comedy clips about abortion.)

  23. You hit a nerve..
    My wife and I adopted two children (brother and sister) from Ethiopia. And yes, our son who is 3 sometimes wonders where his “tummy mommy” is. But better he is here to wonder where his “tummy mommy” is then dead after being sucked through an abortionist’s vacuum and thrown into a dumpster or flushed down the toilet. There are many families that want to adopt and they are not looking for blue eyed, fair haired children. Comparing a fetus to a 14 year old dog or cat with bad hips is crass. The pet you are putting out of it’s misery. The unborn child had no chance and no say in being aborted.

  24. Jake says:

    Sarah is not pro-abortion. The show wants people to laugh at what an “ignoramus” her character is. They’re basically saying “This is really messed up. Don’t do this at home. Just watch it on TV and laugh at how stupid we are.” Geez people. When you watch The Three Stooges do you think people are really going to hit each other on the head and poke at each other’s eyes afterwards? I don’t think so. You guys are really going way too deep into this.

  25. really. says:

    “…better he is here to wonder where his “tummy mommy” is then dead after being sucked through an abortionist’s vacuum and thrown into a dumpster or flushed down the toilet.” According to…?

    As parents, we do what we think is best for our children–the same as we would for a pet. A dog who is suffering from hip dysplasia cannot tell you if he wants to be put to death any more than a fetus can. Nor can a relative on life support or in a coma. That’s why I made the comparison. We do what you think is best at the time, regardless of how much it may hurt or how much we fear we will regret it in the future. Apparently, there are enough good reasons to have the option to abort that it is legal. That is the beauty of living in America in this day and age. We have options, and are free to choose–CHOOSE–what we want based on our individual beliefs.

  26. lalalaloti says:

    I do believe Sarah is Pro-choice (what was that joke from the SNL days? I forget) But there is a difference between being against making abortion illegal and using it as a shitty form of birth control. Its a fucking joke people. LIGHTEN UP!

  27. Eureka says:

    I have an idea to clarify Sarah’s stance. Let one of us knock her up and see if she will abort or not 😀

  28. Kate says:

    This was hilarious! I was practically in tears watching it…yay for season two (almost here)!

  29. Megan Shannon Rose says:

    Oh my god that was so funny, I love Sarah Silverman! She’s a comedic genious…

  30. Noname says:

    ROFLMFAO in other words this made me laugh alot.

  31. John says:

    mentally challenged and even severely retarded people should find this comedian to be quite humorous…

  32. chico says:

    We do!

  33. Greg says:

    Why is it that people who vehemently hate Sarah Silverman come to this website to flame people who find her funny?

    Don’t you have something better to do with your time? Take up a new hobby… go knit a scarf or something.

  34. RitaBita says:

    Nobody does it better, Sarah is awesome!

  35. Loring says:

    It seems quite evident that people lack the ability to see that Sarah is being satirical.

    I think she fucking rocks.

  36. frazz says:

    Sen Fred thompson will be your next president! LIke it, love it, get used to it. 4 more years 4 more years……Now that’s pure comedy ahh cha cha cha cha

  37. Sam says:

    Sarah you are so funny – almost so funny i cant explain how funny you are!
    As i am severely retarded it doesn’t help with my written English.
    Lots of LOVE SAM;-D

  38. THE HAMMER says:

    Abortion is some serious shit!

    Is it a good time to mention I want to go BALLS DEEP on Sarah Silverman?

    I want to go… oh really?

    later then.

  39. Joi says:

    Ferrell, don’t make me smack your ethiopian baby.

  40. Pro Abortion Queen says:

    Hey Ferrell, you squirrelly little guy…

    Just to provide clarification on abortion. We don’t just vacuum fetuses and flush them in the toilet. We suction them, put them in a freezer and spray it on those who wish to get mauled on by a tiger at the zoo.


  41. Dear “Abortion Queen”:

    Some words of advice:
    1) Develop a relationship with God.
    2) Grow Up
    3) Flush your stash of dope down the toilet.
    4) Get a Job.
    5) Dump the guy you met online playing “Halo” or “Dungeons and Dragons”.
    6) Read the blog:

  42. To everyone who responded to this issue. Think and gnaw about this. You are all here because your parents decided to bring you into the world. Maybe they left you or maybe they loved and treasured you. Literally 10 of millions of lives have been snuffed out since abortion was legalized. Those are 10 of millions of people who had potential who never saw the light of day, who never fell in love. Out of those millions of unborn don’t you think one could have been a great public servant or the scientist that discovered the cure for cancer, MS or AIDS. We will never know that because some parent decided it was too much to bring that child into the world…

  43. Chriostopher Bingham says:

    I’m happily pro-abortion. In a free country choice is a given. Whay should we let anti-abortion perverts and sewage stigmatize women who are responsible with their life choices. Humanity will not be free until the last anti-abortion savage is gone.

  44. Chriostopher: First of all you seem to have a problem spelling your name. Use the spellcheck dude. Second, you can put yourself in the kind, sensitive, wussy men corner with Alan Alda, Phil Donohue and George Clooney. You are such a good guy!!!

  45. shep says:

    I’ve convinced 3 of my friends to get abortions. It’s the quickest way to heaven for them. I’m just happy to be doing the Lord’s work. Praise Jesus.

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