Abortion Clinic Promo/Clip

Here is a video I found of Sarah Silverman that shows her in an abortion clinic through the decades. I believe it’s a clip or promo for the second season of The Sarah Silverman Program since the first episode deals with the subject of abortion.

Update: This video had to be taken down. It was leaked and Comedy Central does not want it posted right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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9 Responses to Abortion Clinic Promo/Clip

  1. Dylan says:

    No clip no comment

  2. MSG Quixo says:

    Oh my god she is going to piss everyone off. People who have had abortions, people against abortions…. Looks like you’ll be getting more friendly visitors to the site!

  3. ?? says:

    abortion jokes? how quaint. what more could we ask for from you sarah?
    you sux the big one.

  4. sars says:


  5. One lambchop = One laughter says:

    I have to ask it for the last time; is it your last decision to let others taste the lambchop?

  6. sick of her says:

    shes nasty. ugly soul this one has.

  7. Bon Jovi Fan says:

    it’s my life; so I can tell anyone to rock my life, even that comedienne…

  8. Felix says:

    Do you remember Police Academy Commander Eric Lassard and the prostitute that gave him a blowjob while he was talking and had to shut up? If you don’t like Sarah talking, I’ll give her a blowjob while she performs her show and she won’t talk much 😀

  9. Raffaele Zuccaro says:

    Please all, Just start BOYCOTTING HER SPONSORS write or call them and tell them she is PORNOFYING our young people with her VULGER and DECAYING WIT!!!

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