Chris Crocker Wants Jimmy Kimmel For Himself!

Chris Crocker, the youtube celebrity famous for his/her “Leave Britney Alone” video blog, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and told Jimmy that he wants Sarah Silverman out of the picture. Watch the hilarious video below!

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12 Responses to Chris Crocker Wants Jimmy Kimmel For Himself!

  1. Kyle says:

    Chris gets Jimmy and then????

  2. Kyle says:

    What kind of surgery had Jimmy been through that we have seen Sarah and his news on SSO? lol

  3. Mark says:


  4. James says:

    I think it’s just totally righteous and awesome of JK to have a TS person on his show without resorting to really lame-ass gay/trannie jokes. And you can tell this Chris person is actually in on his own “joke”, if you will, which makes him really genuinely entertaining. I really DO hope we see more of him, which I NEVER find myself saying about “ceWEBrities”.

  5. Ryan says:

    I agree James! Jimmy Kimmel is always super friendly to all different kinds of people on his show. You don’t ever see him putting down a certain people whether they be gay, transvestite, or whatever. I love that how he is also good friends with his Mexican security guard and lets him participate in some of the sketches.

  6. dphunkt says:

    that was a cool spot. and its the first im hearing/noticing that the girl crying about Britney isnt she/he a girl? Chris seemed comfortable enough that im not even hinged on the answer. but being such a rabid fan of Spears deducts alotta points..

  7. Justin says:

    It’s what I would call a “Shim.” LOL! But he’s funny as hell!

  8. andy says:

    Jimmy should have let the guy wail on about Britney again. It seemed like they were almost hitting on each other.

  9. dphunkt says:

    haha ‘Shim’.. and Jimmy was being cordial. he’s an avid fan/promoter of comedy – and the vid’s a riot. whereas i feel questionable for not realizing Chris’ orientation in the first place.

  10. Kyle says:

    Yep, Jimmy seems to be a nice, easygoing man.

  11. Yvonne says:

    i like that him/her chris is a real whine bag on myspace i use to like him until here latly he just like to whine whine and whine somemore its sooo anoying

  12. ur all fags says:

    just to put in my 2 cents i have to say ur all @#$$%% in the head the ones who are saying chris im a fagget boy is funny let alone let him have his own tv show i think there needs to be some re thinking there no joke and get some real idols to worship not little boys who cry when then look at there face in there reflection on the computer screen ok im good

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