‘Bored of the Rings’


The first episode of The Sarah Silverman Program which airs on October 3rd on Comedy Central will be called “Bored of the Rings.” The synopsis is that Sarah runs into a community group that serve delicious lemon bars, so she decides to join the group not knowing that they are a radical anti-abortion group who plans on bombing the abortion clinic where her sister Laura works. Meanwhile, a game of “Dungeons & Dragons” interferes with Steve and Brian’s plans for a date night, threatening their relationship. Everyone must come together and channel their inner hero to save Laura and the clinic.

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13 Responses to ‘Bored of the Rings’

  1. Ridge says:

    lemon bars? what do they do with them?

  2. Joe says:

    Man oh Man….just reading the synopsis of this first episode made me crack up :)
    This promises to be an awesome second season….looking forward to it!
    Rock On, Girl…..

  3. SSO says:

    Lemon bars are a yummy dessert that you eat! :)

  4. Jerra says:

    You rock Sarah! I can’t wait until the new season…

  5. waw says:

    Sarah is a comedy genius with the moral sensibility of a Socrates and the postmodern subtlety of a Jacques Derrida.
    YOu go, Sarah!

  6. Sarahisonemeanbitch says:

    Comedy Central is really desperate now-a-days for programming and keeps lowering the bar on what they think the public considers funny. Sarah Silverman is not funny. She is just a mean ol’ bitch. Mean does not equal funny.

  7. flourface says:

    wrong. mean does = funny but funny doesn’t = mean + you’re a sour ol’ hinderhole.

  8. DjT says:

    How does Dungeons and Dragons, playing Halo 3, Card names until dawn, soda, snack food, midterms, and a comic collection interfere with a date night?!!

  9. Joe says:

    Then I must REALLY be funny flour flesh, cause idiots like you make me feel REAL mean/funny. Sarah’s too cute to be a true turn off but flour f*ck wouldn’t know funny in=f it were a cake baked with her own dough (what a ho)


  10. flourface says:

    (1) I’m a guy…you putz. (2) I’m pretty sure I KNOW funny. (3) YOU’RE NOT. (4) Sarah, YOU ARE -still mean muthafuh’kin funny. Cough syrup trip episode still kills me.

  11. kobra says:

    Sarah you’re a goddess:) It should be broadcast on every channel every night in Poland to cure women here. In Poland we have nonstop pro-life show on tv, now bishops (and members of parliament repeat after them) call two-cells-in-vitro-fetus (before implantation) a child. And now not only abortion, but as well in vitro is called a murder. The children from in vitro are “guilty of the murder of their unborn brothers and sisters” (that means frozen blastocist). And so on. It is a funny funny country. But we still need more Sarah;)

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