Sarah Silverman VMA Pre-Party Interview

Here is a video interview of Sarah Silverman at the Maxim Oasis VMA Pre-Party. She mentions that she is excited to see Britney’s act and “your mother.”

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29 Responses to Sarah Silverman VMA Pre-Party Interview

  1. guuy says:


  2. sarah looks like a jewish rat. says:

    I cant stand her. HOW DID SHE GET FAMOUS/ Screwin Kimmel? or some jew producer. GO AWAY BIATCH!!!! your screwed up and you know it.
    your “rep must be losing his yarmulke’. LOLOLOLOLOL

  3. Lou says:

    keep me posted

  4. Lou says:

    who’s first and who’s second, third, fourth now? As soon as I posted a message, I saw another’s published before me.

  5. jennifer says:

    if she had given some previous comments, she would have been kicked out of the show immediately!! good jokes?! are you kidding me?? that were the most disguisting things that i have ever heard! i really really hope, that you will be punished for this!!!

    p.s. you´ve got a strange voice!
    germany hates you!!!

  6. UGLY JEWGIRL says:

    you make people think Hitler could have been right you stupid COW. YOUR CAREER IS OVER lolololol. how was you 10 minutes of FAME jewgirl? huh? did you think your racist jokes and baby hating would go unnoticed because you are a jew? LOLOLOL/ by by cow.

  7. luvsbrit says:

    Sarah should be on this site with her stoopid dog face…

  8. CAITLYN says:

    I believe sarahs career is dead, just like her past relatives.

  9. alex says:

    it’s cute that sarah’s career is probably just getting started where as britneys definitely dead :]

  10. UGLY JEWGIRL says:

    I Highly DOUBT SS career is going ANYWHERE after we all caught this cow in her true nasty jewgirl nature.

  11. Mish says:

    wow you people are harsh! she was her usual lovable yet controversial self! get over it, you’re just jealous cause she can pull off sayin what so many others were thinkin at that same damn time! i hope big S continues to make me laugh and piss off others all while being thin! way to rock out with your cock out sarah!

  12. Stefan says:

    racist critisism of sarah’s jokes about racism and britney spears. interesting.
    do you really think sarah needs people like you for her career? she’s never going to have a late night show but she’ll be successful in her niche.

    now go back to your britney spears fansite.

  13. NASTY SARAH says:

    LOLOL. rat face career is DOOMED. she will never play another big show . I heard comedy central is dropping her.lolol

  14. abby says:

    please, Sarah is going be around for a while! If you don’t get her humour, GET A LIFE and get the hell away from her site.

  15. Tamara says:

    Sarah Silverman is repulsive and I would be surprised and alarmed if there are people out there that find anything she does as humor and not as a hate crime.

  16. HATE CRIME SARAH says:

    so jewgirl- you think you can call everyone hateful names and get away with it “its a joke, really” well go f@CK your cow body rat face. people DO NOT LIKE YOU. only maybe your’jewcrew’ but THAT IS A MiNoRITY. BIATCH. you are UGLY. INSIDE AND OUT. NOT FUNNY. GET IT? NOW GO AWAY- stop forcing your sh1t on the USA media. hows that frop ‘free speech’ COW.

  17. bored says:

    omg…. you guys are all tlaking about her recist remarks but then again look at you guys…. your the ones being racist about Jews….. for reals get alife shes famous your not…i admit her jokes are cruel but she does say funny things…true things…so stop being immature and stop cursing all ove being a racist….plus im not even a jew so no im not part of her “jew crew”

  18. bored says:

    Plus why do you guys come to her FAN SITE if your not even a fan…. i swear people…i mean little kids these days

  19. Nyx says:

    Yeah, most of these comments ARE in fact written by immature Britney lovin’ children. Sarah Silverman has been around for a a long time kids and if you never heard of her it’s likely because you were an infant.

    I don’t care for Britney, but I don’t hate her. I enjoy Sarah alot though. She’s not going away just because she insulted Spears. She’s made jokes about greater people and situations than this and always comes away clean.

    Rock on Sarah.

  20. KEKS says:

    I don’t like Britney Spears, but what Sarah wuz saying about her wuz ignorant and not funny. The way I see it, that Sarah knocking other ppl down is the only way to make herself feel better about her so called life. I hope she remembers what goes around comes around, and I hope someone knocks her down way worse then she wuz knocking Britney and all the other celebrities and musicians down.

  21. Ann says:

    If you think Britney Spears is too wild and does not take care of her children look around. There are so many children out there that are being abused, why not spend that energy doing something in your community. As for Sarah Silverman, she should be ashamed of herself not only talking about someone she does not know, but talking about children.

  22. weaksauce says:

    Don’t kids watch the VMA’s? Kind of inappropriate to say those things, I think.

  23. mit says:

    Silverman inappropriate slander of Britney Spears on
    national tv. What makes her so mucking fuch….or so
    she thinks! She has done this to others too! Not funny at all, but repulsive. Uneducated fool.

  24. Maaike-Netherlands says:

    If I would hear from anyone that my kid is a mistake, I think I would hurt you. Worldwide broadcasted you’ve hurted that poor girl and her kids. I’m not a fan of Britney but ehm…I think you should say sorry for that one…

  25. Biff Goldberg-Stien says:

    Political correctness run a muck! It’s comedy do you get it? The source may not appeal to everyone but it’s still humor! It is unbelievable to hear so many people standing up for Britney’s kids and in the same breath insulting a whole group of people(jewish). Does this make sense? Another thing and maybe I’m being judgmental but does anyone of these people have a spell check on their computer? Please don’t try to insult races if you can’t even put a sentence together! Go get edgamacated n once ya learned ta red n right than com talk bout utters! I want to mention I’m not a Jew but I do like money, it’s a joke idiots!!!!!

  26. me says:

    So if you all hate Sarah so much, why are you visiting her site? Dont you all have something better to do than bitch?

  27. Trade says:

    Sarah is great, if all you want to do is bitch about her act, do so, but she’s here to say.

  28. Carly Corday says:

    Sarah Silverman is beautiful. Why does she strive to be ugly? Never mind–that’s obvious: you have to be something besides pretty and funny to “succeed.” So she took a deep breath and went for broke. I’m planning to contact PETA, not that PETA obeys me, haha. Making fun of animals in suggestive sexual ways always infuriates me, because they don’t know what the human is doing, and can’t defend themselves. I nearly threw up when I first saw her pretend to lick the poor dumb little dog. I can’t watch Comedy Central without keeping a pillow handy to clamp over my head in case Silverman comes on in a teaser and licks the dog again. Why, Sarah? Why DO that, dag-gone-it? WHY?? Don’t be the Man Show! You can be funny and pretty instead. I’ll love you. (Now, going to play the vid that’s being discussed here. I kinda suspect most of the comments above mine are from the same person.)

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