Sarah Silverman on Britney and Anna Nicole

Sarah Silverman had an interview with The London Free Press today. Unfortunately The London Free Press charges people to read the interview (WTF?) but thankfully The Comedy Central Insider shared some quotes from it. This is what Sarah had to say about Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith during the interview:

“It’s very, very sad,” Silverman says. “In a way their fame afforded them the chances to hurt themselves, but at the same time they horrifyingly represent a lot of mothers who should not be mothers in this country — and probably other countries, but I’m not very worldly,” she says.

“These are girls who were not given boundaries and they are acting out like any child who is desperately in need of boundaries does. These girls are surrounded by bad people. How can we blame them for their behaviour when there is a thick wall of grown-up people snapping pictures of them?” – Found on CC Insider

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66 Responses to Sarah Silverman on Britney and Anna Nicole

  1. frazz says:

    What a classy lady that OnSuzi. A class act indeed.

  2. SuziOn says:

    wow fuzz… take you a while to think that one up??

    you don’t even know me

    Signed… Britney is better than you

  3. frazz says:

    Like I said a real class act.

  4. Tonya says:

    SuziOn, don’t you have kids to take care of? Why are you wasting your time on a website created for a woman you dislike so much? Why are you spending your time fighting with her fans? Shouldn’t you be taking care of your non mistake children instead?

    Oh, wait. You must be taking parenting tips from your goddess Britney. Its so wonderful to care so much, and spend so muck motherly time with children who were planned.

    Mistakes or no mistakes, a bad mother is a bad mother and Britney has show the world that she’s not a good mother, she’s shown the courts (who seem to agree with the rest of us sane people) that she really needs some lessons in motherhood (since their making her take classes). Sarah Silverman was pointing this FACT out by calling her kids mistakes. Do you really believe Britney’s life is great at the moment and these poor children of hers are happy at the moment? If you do, then your the one who needs help. Maybe you should stand up for and idolize someone who has their head on straight for a change, it may change your outlook on life for the better. Someone like Sarah who hasn’t turned her life into a complete and utter mess.

  5. SuziOn says:

    okay…first off.. my children are not very young children and they are gone to school so don’t start telling me about my parenting skills now.. don’t even know me. I go online to check my e-mails.. OH NO NOW I’M A BAD MOM TOO!! Get a clue people! Just because I stick up for someone who people claim to know doesn’t mean I have the same parenting skills as them. She’s taking classes and testings due to the accusations in the court room which is quite common in family court cases and so is Kevin.
    I never once said that Britneys life was perfect so don’t go putting words in my mouth, I was simply stating that Sarah had no business calling someone elses children mistakes or compairing her to Anna Nicole. Yes, I do think her children are happy… I see nothing showing me otherwise.
    Sorry I don’t idoilize anyone, being that they are a star or non-star like Sarah….
    What Sarah did was wrong, plan and simple. If you wanna stick up for her that’s your opinion.

  6. frazz says:

    It was in the content of a comic dialog. She was not on cnn, fox news, bill oriely, or any talk show giving her opinion and analysis’s of Whitney spears life or children. She was making fun of a perception that has been put out there to the public by no one other than mrs Whitney spears. It was a JOKE! get it? You don’t have to laugh because in your world there is so much suffering and sadness at least take your goodwill somewhere it can be appreciated like the homeless shelter downtown where you can doll out a nice warm cup of soup or how about all those wonderful beautiful little mistakes in social services i’m sure someone with your compassion and empathy can give them what they are in need of. Go get em OnSuzie.

  7. SuziOn says:

    I don’t laugh, I’m laughing at you right now actually! I’m always laughing and happy. It’s you people who poke fun at others when they’re down that are insecure and misrebel. I don’t care where she was… she insulted innocent young children who can’t defend themselves… It takes a big person to that doesn’t it??
    You people have a brain leak of some sort cause you just don’t get it.
    Nobody laughed… it wasn’t funny and why???
    Is there something wrong with having compassion for others??
    There’s something certainly wrong with your head and have a great life dying alone and bitter.
    Oh and please do the parents of this world a favour… Stay the hell away from children.

  8. frazz says:

    There is that twilight music again what the?

  9. frazz says:

    Laughing at something that is funny and always laughing like a mental patient are two very different things OnSuzie.

  10. SuziOn says:

    gee… that was funny! And it only took you two tries!
    well it’s been a slice FUZZ but like all fun it’s gotta end sometime

  11. frazz says:

    Finally you found something to laugh about good for you! Se la vie OnSuzi

  12. Tonya says:

    “Nobody laughed… it wasn’t funny and why??? Is there something wrong with having compassion for others??”

    First off, I laughed my ass off at that joke. Why? Not because I’m evil or sad or lonely but because it was DAMN FUNNY! There is nothing wrong with having compassion for others, and just because someone finds her joke funny doesn’t mean they don’t have compassion for others. But when you drag that compassion onto the internet, you’re really not succeeding at anything. When you attack comedians to justify that compassion it gets you nowhere. If you’re as compassionate as you claim then you’d be doing something better with your time.

    “There’s something certainly wrong with your head and have a great life dying alone and bitter. Oh and please do the parents of this world a favor… Stay the hell away from children.”

    Secondly, you’re a hypocrite. You jump on my ass for alluding that you’re not as great a parent are you preach but then assume I must be “dying alone” and that there is something “certainly wrong with [my] head”. You’re also assuming that I must be horrible with children because I laugh at jokes that call some mistakes. Sorry, you’re wrong about all of those. WOw, your a great human, you win at life.

    You see, I wasn’t accusing you for being a bad parents, I was simple pointing out that you should really practice what you preach and leave Sarah Silverman the hell alone.

    Seems you’re here by yourself now, fighting for a lost cause. All of Spear’s “I got her back” dorks have left the building, on to pursue message boards to stick up for Anna Nicole Smith and Amy Winehouse, filling the internet with comments like “OMG, like, don’t make fun of Amy’s track marks peps, so uncool”.

    Get over yourself and stand up for your children, not Britney’s. Gez, we’re not the ones acting like we know her, you are hun. I’d never fight that hard for someones children i’ve never known or meet.

  13. frazz says:

    Can I get a witness!!!!!!

  14. Shaun Boes says:

    I really love Britney’s songs. she’s hot! All the drugs and shaving her head was crazy but she rocks. love u britney.

  15. I love britney i understand that shaving ur head might be a bit crazi but still she is really gorgeous and has the looks

  16. Daron Warnix says:

    It is good that celebrities can use their web site to counter all the lies printed about them. LIke on Britney’s website she has a BS alert.

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