Sarah Silverman’s Rep Speaks Out

Sarah Silverman’s representative spoke out against the rumors that Sarah was the cause of Britney’s bad performance at the VMA’s.

“Sarah did nothing but react to Britney’s actions in a comical way which is what she was asked to do.”

An insider from MTV is also reported as saying:

“There was no MTV script approval. The only person who knew what Sarah was going to say was Sarah.”


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200 Responses to Sarah Silverman’s Rep Speaks Out

  1. malise @ cece says:

    yes, sarah is getting it back! and i hope that this is only the beginning.

    i will despise her forever! she is a shame to all jewis people- the world doesn´t need people like her!! we all want her to realise this!

    that is the reason we visit this page, understand??

  2. malise @ cece says:

    ah, just a minute ago i saw the link” sarah helps israel” -at first she should help herself and change the bisness. she is a really bad comedian!

  3. David says:

    Grow up you idiots. Save your indignation for something of even the slightest importance. If you don’t think Sarah’s funny get off your fat middle American asses and turn off your TVs.

  4. UNHAPPY PERSON. says:

    not fat or lazy for ur info. i was on the treadmill while i watched it i wiegh 129 pounds so im not fat and who gives a crap. watching tv for an hour isnt gonna make you fat.

  5. UNHAPPY PERSON. says:

    and its my opinion not yours so why don’t you grow up and not tell people to not come on here????? hmmmm well
    its freedom of speech people can voice whether they like her or not. get over it.

  6. shelby says:

    Sarahs bit was the only thing worth watching; i haven’t laughed so hard all day.

  7. UNHAPPY PERSON. says:

    haha ya ok….she sucks.

  8. CJ says:

    I felt her joke on Britneys kids was a bit cheap.

    Far more offensive than anything she said or did, is the response from people on this website. It has been one sad display of hatred after another.
    You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

  9. a.pico says:

    Lady, if you called my child a mistake I would beat your ass!!!

  10. Zenaida says:

    I thought what she said was basically what we have ALL thought but dared not to. Hats off to Sarah, it was funny. If you can’t laugh at it and feel offended by it for Britney then, damn you need to get a life.

  11. César says:


  12. the joke about britney’s sons was really forced. She seemed desperate to make people laugh. she is a racist one, her “jokes” abour AIDS, black people , etc, are really forced and disgusting.

    a piada sobre os filhos da britney foi realmente forçada. ela parecia desesperada para ser engraçada. ela eh racista, suas “piadas” sobre AIDS, negros, etc, sao todas forçadas e nojentas.

  13. Unbelievable says:

    Wow… lack of integrity and dignity anyone?

    And no, I’m not just talking about Sarah Silverman either. I’m talking about the countless number of people that have jumped onto this website to completely slander her name in ways that are too disgusting to mention. Yes, her jokes about Britney and her kids were out of line. Yes, she should be ashamed of herself. But in all honesty, so should all of you that are calling her things like ‘dirty jewish whore’. Come on people! Believe it or not you are doing EXACTLY what she did to Britney Spears, if not worse! Just as she had no right to say what she did, you have no right to say what you are saying. If you think you do, then don’t you think I have the right to call you stupid arrogant dicks? Think about it; it’s called a vicious cycle.

    By the way, I’m a 15-year-old girl. That should be telling you something.

  14. Marietta says:

    I’ve always been a fan, but the jokes about Britney’s children were bang out of line. And what’s worse, you no doubt knew it going in, and just didn’t care. It was all about generating publicity for yourself sans one ioda of concern for anyone else, let alone a pair of innocent children who will no doubt already have a tough enough time in the spotlight — a spotlight that is forced upon them sans any choice of their own — without asshats like you calling them “mistakes”. But that’s fine. You got your publicity. Yet I certainly won’t be supporting your career any further, I can assure you. Enjoy the attention while it lasts; you’ve angered everyone so much that I’m willing to bet you just cashed in any chance of a return to the VMAs (or any other award show). Was causing people unnecessary pain really worth the cost to you?

  15. Wagner says:

    Tadinha de você quiridinha muito ridícula, é muito pobre o que você faz e além de tudo bem na noite do velório da MTV pelo menos a Britney dançou no velório você tentou animar o fracasso da Premiação que viria a seguir

  16. Joanne says:

    Sarah should be ashamed of herself. Why would a comic have to get laughs off of someone elses misery or mistakes? I guess to feel good about themselves. All should get the hell off of Britneys back and leave her alone. Let the girl live her life with out the camera’s and jokes. Your mother must be so proud of you Sarah, I’m sure she didn’t raise you to be so hurtful. Shape up and get a laugh with out the sharp tongue.

  17. Dan says:

    I have been a fan of Sarahs. Recently, her jokes haven’t been that funny. Just plain mean. To make an off color joke, kind of pretending that you don’t know that what your saying could offend, is funny. like Sarah says “I’m like the ignoramous of the whole thing”. That’s why it’s funny.To make deliberatly mean remarks directly at someone and/or their little children is very uncool. Sarah said in an interview that her parents are off limits as far as material for her act goes. That makes sense. Sarah loves her parents. Newsflash Sarah…..Britney loves her children.

  18. Max says:

    Uh, it’s just a joke people, GET OVER IT! It’s what the entire media is saying and somehow you’re trying to blame everything on Sarah for making something funny out of a media frenzy. She wasn’t being serious, it was just joking around. Don’t bother watching Sarah if you are going to be serious about everything she says and take it negatively.

    And none of you have any idea what the hell is going on with Britney and her kids so don’t act like you do. I hate when people say, “Britney is a great mother” and there is NO way of knowing that. Just because it seems unreasonable for a mother to say that, doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. Britney is MESSED up, and people supporting her and trying to make it look like its ok, that’s wrong.

  19. BRITNEY LOVER says:



  20. BRITNEY LOVER says:



  21. Jan says:

    Only really lowlife people kick others when they are already down, even if it is to sell a few laughs. Shows a complete lack of integrity.

  22. ta says:

    Who the hell Sarah thinks she is ?!!!
    she is so an unhappy person !!!
    i have pitty of her …
    what ashame….talk about the kids?

  23. B Spears says:

    Hey, y’all–it’s me, Britney. Don’t blame Sarah for the jokes she made about me and my kids. It’s her job to do stuff like that. That’s why MTV asked her to do a segment on the show. If you go to my website, you’ll see a detailed explanation of the events that led up to my perfomance Sunday night. I’m sorry if I disappointed any of you, but the message I’ve written on my site should explain everything.
    See you soon!

  24. maggi says:

    if you are really britney, than i ask myself who forced you to write such nice things and defend sarah!! even if you forgive her, we do not. we hate he!!

    ALL her jokes are disguisting and tastless. there are so many unknown comedian who have more talent than her and deserve more to be on tv!!!! why has mtv picked her?? i can´t believe this!!!

    sarah, i think your appearance on the vma has been extrem terribel. even if there are now more peolpe who know your name , it is not helpful for your career. because when your on tv many of them will put it off or watch something else.

    and i thing you should not be mentiond with children in a sentence, so remove the link ” meaning of sarah and other baby names”


    regards from gemany to all who read this*kiss*

    @britney, i haven´t found any message on your site!! but i still like you. 😉

  25. BOYCOTT SARAH says:

    NO one is saying Britney is talented- BIATCH- or that you single handledly caused her lame performance- we are saying you are one nasty nasty ugly ratfaced. cow bodied RACIST jewgirl- ( I can borrow your own nickname right- JEWGIRL) WE DO NOT THINK YOU ARE FUNNY. or COOL. or ATTRACTIVE. get it? we do not want you to HAVE SUCCESS, because the VAST MAJORITY WITH your diarhea,racist, child bashing jokes. think you are one NASTY WIDE ASSed COW. GET IT? NOW LEAVE— your career is OVEr.

  26. KAT says:


  27. jenn :boycott sarah !!!!! says:

    i don´t think that britney has to apologize for her performance. it was obviously not her best one, but it was okay.
    i would like to hear her version of what has happened that evening! so brintey, when you read this, please tell us what has happened. we all want to hear it from you!!

    stop calling sarah a jewgril!! she is a jealous and ugly B!i!T!C!H!

  28. dar says:

    The only thing wrong with Sarah’s appearance was that Britney didn’t walk out on stage and kick her a@# afterwards!

    She bombed. She wasn’t clever; just crude and predictable. –Didn’t really know who she was and can’t quite understand why she was chosen to perform..

  29. Paul says:

    Sarah’s performance should have not happened. In every way it was unprofessional. Not only was I the only one shocked to see how rude she was, but aparently no one else in the crowd found to much laughter in her cruel intentional jokes. As a celebrity, everyone is open to criticizm; whether or not Britney’s performance was open to disdain, Sarah’s comments afterwards were unnecessary and completely uncalled for.

  30. Terri says:

    She reacted to Britney’s actions in a “comical” way? Where was the comedy? Sadly, there is nothing funny about Sarah Silverman. Even the audience didn’t get the joke.

  31. Monika says:

    Quit whining, she’s a comedian and Britney sucked. Did you expect something better?

  32. Your very rude! You should never say anything about anyone children. You have no clue what is going on in anyone life. Children don’t get asked to be brought into this world and you are going to get up in front of america and talk about them. You are stupid and un cool. Britney Spears rocks and you will NEVER Ãœ

  33. YOU CAN crack and joke all you want, but you don’t talk about children that have nothing to do with what going on around the. Sarah making fun of I guess britney’s molly with the lip thing?? She wish her molly would even get touch much less TAPPED! Grow up and joke about more important things…..

  34. Pariah says:

    She’s only racist cause she’s white. And jewish. Ugh

  35. David says:

    Where is it written that children are off limits? Do you think that the kids have any awareness that Sarah used them as material? Why is it not ok for Sarah to joke about Britney and her kids, but perfectly fine for some people her to spew racist bile? How come a good number of Sarah’s detractors can’t seem to put a coherent sentence together?

  36. A Mom says:

    I’m not a Britney fan and do not know who this scab of a person Sarah Silverman is, but I was heartbroken to hear the comments she chose to make about children and being mistakes. Absolutely off limits, inappropriate, sad. Get a life!!!

  37. READ THIS! says:

    This is to all the bleeding hearts who think what Sarah said about Britney’s kids is SO bad. I have a daughter whose conception was not planned. I love her more than anything and I would die for her. Literally. But it still doesn’t mean that her existence is not a “mistake.” Perhaps “accident” is a more suitable term. Either way, that is the harsh reality of the matter. Sometimes I think it’s part of the reason I love her so much–because I never would have known such joy if that “mistake” hadn’t happened. Knowing Sarah’s comedy niche, Britney should realize she was just joking, not making accusations. And if she loves her boys as I much as I love my little girl, nothing anyone says will make me think less of her. Think about that before you go making your immature, generic “I h8 Sarah; Sarah sux” gaaaaaaaaay comments.

  38. Cindee says:

    All I know if someone said that about my kids there would be an ass kicking. Britney should have come right back on stage and knocked Sarah down!! There’s a comeback for ya!!

  39. @read this: read this says:

    okay, you seem to be very good at exlaining sarah´s jokes. then try to explain the comparisen to the v!agina. i´m sure your kid is also as cute as your v!agina. maybe you will show us picture of both.

    now i hope that you have realised that the whole thing is not only about one joke, but about the complete monologue.

    nevertheless sarah is a b!itch!!!

  40. David says:

    If you need Sarah’s jokes explained to you, obviously you do not get or understand her humor.

  41. David says:

    By the way, what’s with the v!agina? Not only is it okay to spell it properly, it is even alright to say it without blushing.

  42. @ david says:

    we cannot put “coherent” sentences together, because we are people from other countries and our english is not very well. ..
    i´m sorry !!

    try to speak perfectly italian after 3 years learning this language at school!!it is not easy!

  43. dung jo says:

    sarah hasn´t got any humor!!

  44. dani says:

    I dont read the tabs, but the headline just a couple of weeks ago was britney says her kids were a mistake. the truth is britney’s career is a mistake and her kids are just doomed to grow up as trailer trash in fancy digs. poor kids. and poor sarah, imagine having to go around with a face looking like britney’s
    vagina (or at least I assume it was a lookalike, I dont read the tabs so I cant say for sure) Now everytime I see her I will expect a tampon to fall out of her mouth.

  45. sigh says:

    After checking out the stellar literary style in the first round of Sarah-bashing posts, I figured I’d give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that English was not your first language. Reading on, I realized that couldn’t possibly be true since most of you don’t seem to have enough brain power for a first language, let alone a second. Children are being raised right now by true-blue baby-loving Americans who can’t seem to form the correct spelling of a common word let alone create an entire sentence. Let’s address that mistake first and talk about Sarah later.

  46. Michael says:

    Actually on the contrary, Asian countries such as the Philippines is more advanced in English than you think. They mastered the English language very well since it is the country’s second language in terms of speaking it in work places, schools and public. You cannot judge saying that other countries can’t comprehend due to lack of brain power. I lived in the US since I was 8-9 years old. I knew nothing of English but now I know more than an average person… Do not talk about racial issues when this is not even the topic in the first place.

  47. britty says:

    britney is the best sry sarah but you ‘re stupid


  48. *love s* says:

    sarah is just a nasty cow! she offended Miss Spears in a rude and nasty way… I think that if u are intelligent u cannot use the word “mistakes” when u talk about someone’s sons… she’s so stupid!

  49. Michael says:

    Just know that it’s no humor in speaking about innocent children in bad manners. No matter what anyone says (whether it’s all about having a good sense of humor) no one has any right to speak of innocent people who cannot defend themselves. And as for Sarah’s beauty, she may be ugly to some, or beautiful to her fans, no one has the right to say either side is wrong because beauty lies in the beholder.

  50. D1Tremere says:

    I take offense at so meny takeing offense. The “She insulted children” line is untrue. She made jokes about children on a program they arn’t intended to watch, which was aimed at late teens and adults. I don’t like moste of her jokes, but that doesn’t give me or any one else the right to judge her as a person. And with regards to saying terrible things, some posts made by you people are worse.

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