Look, It’s Hayden! Look, It’s Sarah!

Hayden Panettiere from Heroes was caught by some paparazzi at the LAX. They asked about her feelings on the VMA’s, and as soon as they asked what she thought about Sarah Silverman’s performance – Sarah magically appeared at the airport! They both try to avoid the paparazzi’s questions by pointing out one another. :)

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22 Responses to Look, It’s Hayden! Look, It’s Sarah!

  1. Hiram says:

    That’s a great video!! I’m glad she clears up the misconception that Britney’s bad performance wasn’t because of her jokes.

  2. Rupert says:

    :-) Such things happen to fortune of reporters. Fly to my arms, Sarah, let me be your nest. lol

    Nice series performance, Hayden. You deserve quality works like Heroes and be in cast of stories dedicated to heroes.

  3. Tara says:

    I think Sarah is a nasty person who justifys being cruel by calling it humor. She sunk to a new low bringing up someones children. I’m guessing her role model is Joan Rivers and do we really need another of her?

  4. Kiko says:

    sarah makes everybody sick. she’s NOT funny and she thinks she’s funny insulting people, well guess what, sarah still has to learn what comedy is, because she sucks and she’s ugly as hell. she needs to wax that moustache she has! haha

  5. Sparks says:

    I love Sarah!! One thing is confusing me though…why do people who dislike Sarah go to a Sarah Silverman fan Website all about her? Huh….weird….

  6. Jake says:

    @ Sparks…. because the people who complain are stupid! And also, im really happy for sarah, she’s getting a lot of publicity out of this, and she’s such an amazing comedienne, that she really deserves it. While the first reaction of many people is to be outraged, they will soon realize that they are retarded, and just dont get sarah’s humor. Congrats Sarah!

  7. Caution says:

    The only mistake I saw at the VMA awards was what came out of your mouth and it was not adorable. If I was one of the kids you went after — I’d have my attorney file a multibillion dollar defamation suit. You crossed on line. I am sure you won’t think it’s so adorable when they cancel your show and any additional air time. That’s what you deserve.

  8. Guess Who says:

    One day of fasting is insufficient for Ms. Silverman to atone. I recommend Comedy Central void out the audio across all web sites – globally and charge the costs directly to her. Then maybe she’ll learn the difference between humour, comedy and slander.

  9. Megan Shannon Rose says:

    I wish I could run into Sarah in an airport, I would hug her and NEVER let go!!! -cries- 😀

  10. Neil says:

    I’d love to come across Sarah too.

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  12. Candace says:

    Sarah sucks she should apologize to the world. She she called Britneys babies ‘mistakes’ she talked about all our children! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  13. Gina says:

    haha! She’s hilarious!

  14. karen says:

    Yeah… I’d like to hug her tight, too, so I can punch her in her face.

  15. @ sarah looks like a rat says:

    germany hates you!!!

  16. CAITLYN says:

    It must suck to b sarah…your fan site is starting to look like your “hater site”
    To bad your true person came out, you know… the child hating, molesting,beating,degrading,demoralizing biatch that is sarah.

  17. beattie says:

    WHO CARES what SARAH said, we all saw how GROSS and DISGUTING and MEAN she was about Britney and those babies. CRUEL DISGUSTING and NOT FUNNY at all. And if Britney did hear it, of course it would upset her before or after her performance. Like Britney or not, that was WAY over the line, as a matter of fact you’re so far past the line, the line is a DOT to you.

  18. beattie says:

    And why would ANY of us BOTHER to watch your video and listen to your lies, cruelty and BIG MOUTH

  19. phantomgoat says:

    sarah’s great she tells it like it is and if you can’t handle it then your just in denal of the truth. the truth is not always what we want it to be but if you can make people laugh by saying the truth then what could be better rock on sarah rock on and let these haters rot in hell

  20. liam says:

    why is anyone bothering to critique britney’s performance anyway? aren’t choreographed pop star dance moves just as retarded whether they’re done well or badly?

  21. Lynn says:

    Sarah is just a Joan Rivers wannabbee — and look at where that “comedienne” is today. With any luck, this baby-trashing “comic” will get that same smack in the face as Joan did and then be reduced to hanging on the sidelines.
    Hopefully, this will be sooner than later.

  22. LouisvilleLuvsSarah! says:

    looking cute as always, Sarah! Funniest part of the vid to me was that the camera stalker guy didn’t even know Jeffrey Ross was walking next to Sarah.

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