Sarah Silverman Program Season 2 Promos

There are some new promotional photos for The Sarah Silverman Program Season Two which airs October 3rd on Comedy Central. You can view the other photos by clicking here.

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13 Responses to Sarah Silverman Program Season 2 Promos

  1. Steve Freeto says:

    I cant wait for Season Two. I still laugh about Black God.

  2. Hiram says:

    I’m excited too! It sucks though we have to wait another month before it comes on.

  3. natiloveSarahSilverman says:

    yeah i’m with you guys!!! I can’t wait for season two!!

  4. Gary says:

    Hahha, they posed like the cast of 6 feet under; sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet…

  5. Daniel says:

    Your show is really ridiculous but before your VMA flop I really did not mind it existed. Now I am, along with hundresde, writing to the sponsors of comedy central to stop funding it and with comedy central people to withdraw her show unless she apologizes.

  6. Gina says:

    You & what you represent, are not good for Americas heart. What a mistake you are sarah, to bad you were’nt flushed b-4 you caused all this pain.

  7. katrina says:

    Give me a break. It’s fricken the VMAs. Oh my god. MTV sucks in general. Should be call RLTV. Really Lame Television. Sarah Silverman is a breath of fresh air and I hope she continues to belittle the stupid people of Hollywood.

  8. Loring says:

    Do you not understand the humor behind her skits? She’s acting like the vast majority of Western Society to present our problems as a culture through satire. When people resort to satire, they are doing so because they see no possible way to resolve issues.

    Sarah Silverman is not a dumb person; she knows what she is doing and she knows that she is doing it well. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be as angry as you are.

  9. CAITLYN says:

    where did this hater come from anyway?
    to bad hitler missed her family tree…

  10. sarah looks like a jewish rat. says:

    CANCEL THIS JEWS SHOW. she is GROSS. too ugly to watch for long. and NOT FUNNY. HONESLTY PEOPLE. WAKE up dont give this jewgirl any more press or money.

  11. CeCe says:

    Sarah rocks and my gosh whoever says she is ugly is an idiot. She’s GORGEOUS and absolutely hysterical. Sarah, don’t go changin!!!!! You rock and so does Jimmy!

  12. NASTY SARAH says:

    sarah is not cool. period.

  13. diana says:

    amo sus caras jajajajaja
    tambien amo su show (:

    sarah silverman rock’s
    i love his faces
    also i love the program!

    kisses from MEXICO!

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