Sarah Presenting at 2007 MTV VMA’s


Sarah has been recently added to the list of presenters for the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards which airs on September 9th.

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54 Responses to Sarah Presenting at 2007 MTV VMA’s

  1. Siobhan says:

    You all are a bunch of idiots! I give mad props to Sarah, she tells it like she sees it. Britney spears (whose career is OVER! Wake up!) put on the worst performance of a lifetime. I’ve never cringed so badly in my life. Sarah says some pretty crazy things, but you know what? She makes fun of herself too! Obviously most of you don’t tune into her show. Why don’t you educate yourselves before calling her a terrible person. Rock on Sarah, I’m a fan of yours for life!!

  2. Laura says:

    Sarah Silverman is an unfunny and untalented b*tch…Nuff said!

  3. whatever says:

    i just saw your clip of VMA performance and man…
    first of all, i didn’t know who you were until i saw brit’s performance and the comments left under. They said you said something very offensive to her…so i searched and found out some shitty jokes about celeb. that was not funny.

    were you nervous?? i bet you were. cuz you kept saying ‘wow..’ but seem like you didn’t have much things to say.

    i’m pissed and embarrassed for you, sarah.
    Continue to stretch your mouth vertically. You don’t need to open your mouth anymore.

  4. sarah and jason says:

    From Jason:
    I don’t know why everyone is getting upset about what she said about Britney Spears. People have said a lot worse things than that before. Britney Spears career is over it is done for there is no fixing it. She should be glad that someone is talking about her. Do you honestly think she is fit to be a parent? Lets remember when she shaved her head, got a shitty tattoo, and beat a car with a fucking umbrella. I favor the courts decision to take her kids from her. I feal sorry for these kids when they grow up and live with the fact that my dad thinks he is black and is a fucking back up dancer…and my mother can not pull her tounge out of Madonna’s ass-hole. Britney Spears puts herself in these positions. If you disagree with Sarah Silverman then go ahead and visit her website and bitch beacause you are just helping her write her material.

    From Sarah:

    It is Hollywood. Grow up everyone! They all talk shit about each other. What Sarah said about Brit’s kids is not as bad as the legacy Britney “black hole puss” Spears is going to leave behind from them. I love how you all get on here and say “Stop writing about Sarah we are just going to “help her out” with her career”. That is so stupid (quit being an “emo”), doing what you said not to do. GOOD FUCKING JOB! If Sarah pops a joke about Jesus (if you hate it) and you celebrate Christmas…Shut Up! Jesus hates a fake Christmas more than an awesome “Jesus Joke”! Honestly, the people who bitch about this topic are probally 40 and single.

    Love, Jason and Sarah

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