Sarah Silverman Ad Controversy?

Looks like Comedy Central is catching some beef over a promo ad for The Sarah Silverman Program according to the Comedy Central Insider. Was the timing of this commercial ad around the Michael Vick trial coincidental or intentional? Let us know what you think.

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15 Responses to Sarah Silverman Ad Controversy?

  1. Nick says:

    I’m sure it had something to do with it (because of her shocking nature) but we all know that Sarah loves her dog and that this was just a joke. I think it’s funny personally.

  2. Dave says:

    The good thing about a new Silverman season is that there is no way it can be as lame as the 1st… Oh and Im sure the dog thing was just a joke, another very dry joke.

  3. Nate says:

    No controversy, love your pets, get dressed, show cleavage, whatever. Actually South Park is meaner in terms of coarse lingo than this show. Sarah doesn’t show something we haven’t seen before.

    If the dog joke is try let’s make something “on the rocks”…

  4. Stefan says:

    haha. no offense, I’m not into stereotypes at all, but someone is always upset about ANYTHING in the US. is it some kind of national sport for you guys to look for shit on TV you can complain about?
    besides that, if THIS is the most upsetting thing this person has found about sarah silverman he wasn’t looking long enough 😀

  5. shole says:

    now my tummy hurts from laughing at stupid people :(

  6. Amen to that, Stefan… Silverman wouldn’t have a career if people weren’t trying so hard to be offended by so much petty crap.

    And yes, I’m an American.

  7. sars says:

    dude, her cheeks have way too much blush on them. and thats why youre all trippin out.

  8. Homer says:

    Her breasts look awesome from this angle; it’s a pity for a man to miss this sight if she was in front, not face to face.

  9. dphunkt says:

    sounds like negative hype..
    its not the better of the promos either.

    i didnt hear of anyone sticking up for Beard-o..
    (from the VMA promos..y’know – movie theater/phone?)

  10. Jacks says:

    I thought the add was hilarious! So what if she was mocking Vick, he shouldn’t have killed dogs.

    My favorite add is the one about her breasts though.

    She is a comedic genius, which we haven’t seen since Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Whoopie, Dan Akroyd, Johnny Carson, Dean Martin…

  11. jose says:

    Well i think one of the reasons Sarah is funny is because of th offensive comedy outlook that she gives, there are times were i think she can go over board, but this world i full of hate and you might as well just have a hilarious look at it. Its way better than blowing things up with bombs, just think of her as the hiroshima of comedy
    No i am not a dirty jew either

  12. destiny says:

    I think shes funny and that if you dont like her shutup and kiss my a$$!And plus i think i just pooped is funny,ok,I dont care what you think.Dont talk about the us or we’ll come over there and kick your stupid a$$.

  13. John says:

    She really is a dirty Jew. 6 million but they couldnt get that one…..ashame

  14. Milty MICTARDed says:

    why do people leave comments…. huh… shes fucking hilarious…. so fuck anyone that cares.

  15. damien says:

    maybe it’s an old ref. to national lamppons. remember the we’ll kill this dog cover? hmmm?…

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