Season One DVD – Special Features

Here is an image of the back cover of The Sarah Silverman Program Season One DVD. It lists some of the special features that will be available on it’s October 2nd release.


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7 Responses to Season One DVD – Special Features

  1. It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! or two! hehe 😀

  2. Nathan says:

    Everybody have one copy please so that we won’t run short of’em (doesn’t apply for her boobs :-D)

  3. DC182 says:

    “never before seen” heh, awesome. 😀

  4. Mike says:

    Yes, DC182, preferred in order to get one, cool.

  5. Jesse says:

    Hey, Nate. With those boobs there is an enormous potential of airlines stewardess jokes in air turbulences. She must think of such sketches because she has consumed all jokes to be made on earth and in American towns, roads and landscapes. Besides airlines air very tedious movies.

  6. Jesse says:

    By the way, I used to have a software named Bonzi Buddy Gorilla installed on my computer. And since Sarah also posed with Gorilla costume I think digitalizing Sarah’s jokes on desktop may be a good idea in association with Comedy Central; I wouldn’t want it otherwise.

  7. DC182 says:

    Haha, I remember bonzi budy, it was annoying though :(

    Doing one of those would require a lot of programming, I don’t think they’d want to make one for free, and charging… well, not many people would buy it 😛

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