Promotional Commercials for Season Two

Here are a couple of Comedy Central commercials featuring Sarah Silverman and Duck/Doug promoting the second season of The Sarah Silverman Program.

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6 Responses to Promotional Commercials for Season Two

  1. Bartholomew says:

    If I won’t see you in my new summer home (cable), don’t assume that you’ll be #1 (in ratings).

  2. Dan Trestian says:

    Yes, too much frustration about beach country will be too much…

  3. dphunkt says:

    thanks! id hadnt seen these yet.

    heaving breasts..
    how that for summer home (cable) ratings?

  4. the heaving breasts one made me giggle
    the one with ducks’ cute too :)

  5. Nathan says:

    Sarah is more than a temporary excitement for me. Nor is she some stepstone for entertainment and beyond. I would love to prove it to her in person.

  6. Sarak says:

    The Big Naturals

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