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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07


Sarah Silverman will be a part of the new Gap ad campaign this upcoming fall along with several other celebrities including John Mayer, Selma Blair, and Lucy Liu.  Sarah is sporting the “wide leg trouser” in this photo. (click to enlarge)

Read more about the campaign at Gap Inc.

8 Responses to “Sarah Silverman Falls Into the Gap”

Whatever she wears there is a rock hard body underneath :-) Ice is as hard as rock but one you start lickin’ it melts…

Wow, she is stunning in this photo.

Well, I learned once that I’d stalk some Jewish Girl, but until a couple of months ago more or less, I didn’t think it would be Sarah Silverman; I had great loss of time, hoping she will help substitute it by amusing me…

She looks great! :)

Haha…I saw this picture in the Gap today and busted out laughing. Oh my, soooo funny. I love Sarah.

gosh i couldnt belive it was her when i saw this! i am so in love with this photo!

Good thing she’s a single “girl”. What an adorable mistake those pants would be on me. P.S. I was surprised to see that. You’d be surprised. Thank God for Jesus, don’t you agree….

Успех продвижения по службе зависит не от тех, кто тобой доволен, а от тех, кого ты не раздражаешь.

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