Standup: Hard Rock Live – Orlando


Sarah Silverman takes her stand-up comedy to Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL at 8 p.m. on Oct. 27. Tickets are $45-$55, on sale today at noon.

Sarah Silverman – Hard Rock Live

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15 Responses to Standup: Hard Rock Live – Orlando

  1. mitch says:

    10/27 too late, how about 7/30?

  2. mitch says:

    Those waiting for orlando should never wait but leave; Jesus is magic after all and his opponent damned. I mean to say before 10/27, why don’t we ask for Sarah to have a live web sitcom just like those MSN concerts?

  3. lyle says:

    Updates, we want updates…

  4. jim says:

    going on vacation, coming?

  5. mw says:

    Sarah please come to the midwest.

  6. Andy says:

    I just bought FRONT ROW, CENTER seats for this show. You don’t want to know how much I paid, it’s obscene. But she will be worth it!!

  7. PeaJay18 says:

    Damn – I’m leaving Orlando exactly a week before to return to the UK!

  8. Jon says:

    I can’t believe that I paid 55.00 a piece for two tickets when she only did 33 minutes of stand up. Although I love Sarah Silverman, I really think that was a rip off. I would like to know the reason she stopped. I heard an audience member made her mad. Is that true??

  9. Andy says:

    Go to the Sarah Silverman forum (at the top) where this is being discussed!!

  10. Tim says:

    I saw the line outside demanding their money back when she stopped. I don’t think that was a wise decision on her part. She made a lot of people mad.

  11. Gary says:

    I also am VERY ANGRY with this selfish performer! Sara Silverman! Hah!
    She gave us a half hour of her precious, valuable time for the cash that we paid…and that was a premium! $65.00!
    We barely sat down and ordered when she starting rambling on to some audience members about them posting the videos that they were shooting with their cellphones on YOUTUBE!
    She was mumbling about people complaining about her not having enough new material in her show and that it was the fault of the fans that post her on the net!
    It was really a pathetic exchange of angry insults in the middle of her act – we all felt her awkwardness- she was struggling to take back what she had said, it appeared! Too Late Little Sara!
    Well…then she starting telling us that she had no good ending for her show and that she was gonna slap an audience member’s hand onstage for a finale -she was threating us for the last 10 minutes or so that she was coming to the end of her performance (We all thought that she was kidding – but she was about to finish barely 40 minutes after she took the stage)
    So she really brought a stranger up on the stage and did this ridiculous hand slapping game and gave us a wave and just walked off the stage!
    We all thought that is was part of her know like maybe a joke!
    Well…Wrong Again Fans!
    She really walked away with NO ENCORE after just over a half hour onstage!
    We paid $65.00 for those tix and she gave us a few laughs – That was it! I will continue forward with this TRUE story of Sara Silverman’s selfisness!
    She isn’t worth the money and she has NO RESPECT FOR US… THE FANS!
    Give it a second thought before going to see her on her live tour because it really was a disappointing slap in our faces!
    Sara …Darling you really screwed up this time my dear –Because I am a jew from NY with a sharp tongue and a big mouth just like you!
    But…I HAVE the time to write about this letdown of an episode (that you and only you created) on EVERY blog site that I can find!
    Good Luck Little Miss Sara!
    While you’re gonna be out there touring and letting people down …I’ll be writing about you to the fans of your upcoming shows to let them know NOT TO BUY TICKETS!

  12. Tina says:

    AGREED. Very disappointing. Sara’s attitude toward the audience bordered on hostile. For God’s sake, if someone was videotaping or interfering with the perfromance in some way, take a pause and have the army of security personnel escort them out of the venue. Period. What is she, 7 years old? Just take your ball and go home Sara? Grow up. You contract to provide entertainment…so do it. The bong will keep. We have told at least 50 people just how weak her “performance” was.

  13. Bob Cole says:

    What an insult Saturday’s Orlando show was.
    I missed 5 innings of the World Series for that? Maybe that’s why Sarah cut it short. She wanted to see the game. She should refund everyone’s money. Why not just stick a gun in our faces and rob us honestly.

  14. MkinMeSoHi says:

    I was insulted by the show in Orlando too. Hard Rock Live Orlando should be ashamed of themselves for how they treated us. There was no security there. Did you see the big fight after she left the stage? I think she should release a statement regarding what happened and apologize if necessary. We deserve a refund regardless. I will never go back to Hard Rock Live again, and I will never see Sarah again.

  15. MJ says:

    Sarah’s performance was lacking comfort, longevity, and consideration for her fans…oh yeah, not to mention NEW MATERIAL. I was literally finishing her jokes and lip-syncing to the TWO songs that she sang. Really, Sarah?! How are you going to perform jokes that were on your Program that JUST AIRED on Comedy Central, in addition to almost word-for-word bits from your stand-up movie “Jesus is Magic”? Anyone attending her live shows are fans who have obviously seen her shows and that’s why they love her. But if over a year has gone by and she has almost no new material then I suggest she considers a new job, or hires better writers. Not giving up on the “Big S” by any means, just very upset, disappointed and $100 in the hole.

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