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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07


Sarah Silverman will be performing at The Mirage in Las Vegas on September 1 & 2. Click here for tickets and information.

4 Responses to “Stand Up: The Mirage Hotel”

Category stand-up; well there are things men can do standing-up :-D and let’s see how she is going to make it (comedy, that is)…

I went to the Sunday show at 9:00. Sarah and her opening act were helarious. I laghed my balls off. I hope to see more from the guy that opend for her but I can’t find his name.

I went to the 9:00 show on Sunday. This was definitely Sarah lite – very little new material and only tid-bits of past bits (even though the opening announcer promised edgy comedy). The opening act was at a loss because he was being heckeled so much – people did not want to hear him. The only ray of sunshine was the preview of the MTV awards material about Britney. If you can believe it, it was as if Sarah were not trying to alienate people, especially Asians (no negative swipes at Asians). Tame for Vegas.

I saw Sarah perferom the Sept.1 2007 at the Mirage. She was really funny. I enjoyed her act and loved how quickly she reacted to hecklers. She commented on a guys medallion and fun of the guys yelling out Jimmy Kimmels name. She poked fun at Mexicans. I’m mexicanamerican and I was laughing %&* off. The best thing about it I was sitting front row and you know what, The girl is foxy. She was dressed casual and still looked better than most of the girls there. Yeahh Jimmmy!!! Go see her she is worth it.

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