Flex Fuels PSA

This video is part of a youtube series campaign called Clean My Ride: Project Phin to help support flex fuels. This part features Sarah Silverman, Jennifer Garner, and Matt Damon.


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6 Responses to Flex Fuels PSA

  1. Eustis says:

    Ride for oil, huh? Cool, tell me more

  2. LMAO! Sarah making out with a picture of her mom = priceless!

  3. Joe Marquez says:

    The INTENT is okay, but the line about this generation (whichever THAT may be) being the one to blah blah blah, I thought was a little lame. The generations before us have given a LOT. They’ve suffered through plenty. Maybe the way to say it would be to say those before us gave up a lot for US and we should do what we can for future generations. Other than that, sure dress up in corn outfits and promote flex fuel. And let’s get MILK prices lower!

  4. ficklpickle says:

    Joe, give me a break! It´s Sarah, you shouldn´t take it so seriously!

    Sarah is the only comedian who can be funny and disturbing at the same time. She´s the only one who can make me feel uncomfortable but not in offensive way, I respect that.That was freaky!

  5. sarah says:

    wow, that was FUCKING HILARIOUS for a PSA

  6. Stacy Hughes says:


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