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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

I just added a new poll to the right sidebar. Vote on your favorite Sarah Silverman Program from Season One. In case you don’t recognize the episode title here is a quick description of each episode:

  • Officer Jay – Cookie Party Episode
  • Humanitarian of the Year – Homeless Guy Episode
  • Positively Negative – AIDS episode
  • Not Without My Daughter – Pageant episode
  • Muffin’ Man – Lesbian Episode
  • Batteries – Batteries episode (duh)

13 Responses to “New Poll”

“Officer Jay”, no doubt…..I love Sarah’s cookie party song. I even own the shirt!

I LoVe SaRaH SiLvErMaN LoL

I like the one that had Sarah in it.



looks like Batteries is dominating.
i cant fault it for having no supporting/side plot.

more Sarah can become a crutch though

Can I change my vote? I really like Muffin’ Man too…

Has to be Not Without My Daughter for the Amazing Grace scene. Mocking the war on terror with a fart joke, Sarah at her best.

she punched me in the head once… i was 12…lol loves it!!!

maybe she loved your head at age of 12 :-) Danny G, when and where was it?

hahahaha Officer Jay Should win!!

is officer jay the one where she robo-trips and flys her car and hits stuff with it?

The lesbian one, of course! :)

i loved that one, my favorite! THose selfish handicapped kids!

I heard Obama will moonwalk at jackson Funeral in LA. Obambi wuz big fan. sarah should jump on Jocko coffin and scream “you could of had this jew pussy..” it would be publicity coup..

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