Sarah Feels Bad About Paris Joke

Paris Hilton MTV Movie Awards

Sarah recently told the press that she feels bad about her Paris Hilton joke at The MTV Movie Awards. However, Sarah doesn’t necessarily regret doing it saying “I was there to be funny and I was, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel bad about it.” Paris Hilton responded nicely saying “She’s a funny comedienne and hopefully she won’t be as mean the next time she sees me.” Read one of the articles about it here at

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10 Responses to Sarah Feels Bad About Paris Joke

  1. Brad says:

    She needn’t feel sorry for Paris because she converted her inmate story to profit already.

  2. Dean says:

    She may resent that event but there are some other events that I prefer not to be repeated from that ceremony. While I am so desperate here and need a real smile, it may be more appropriate to find some “role” partners and be a role model herself to cheer the place up.

  3. dphunkt says:

    i feel bad about the joke, cause it couldnt have been as over-played and hyped if Mtv had produced it themselves..cut to Paris pouting/posing for sympathy. id want to feel bad if i were Sarah too, but the audience responded with relief more than anything. Sarah triggered the healing process, thankfully.

  4. Rahula says:

    Paris Hilton doesn’t understand. It is hard for Sarah to always be in the public eye and within the ever-pointing lens of the paparazzi. Paris should lighten up. Sometimes Sarah needs to let out a little steam, and it doesn’t matter who it hits. Paris should be grateful to have a little of Sarah’s steam blow off in her face. I bet it helped Hilton become more popular to have some of Sarah on her. We should all be so lucky.

  5. Trent says:

    I don’t think Dean criticizes Paris joke. He means Jessica in my opinion.

  6. Noname says:

    I think Paris just doesn’t believe in Free Speech. Maybe thats why she always has a cock in he mouth lol as a protest.

  7. John Rainwater says:

    Ok, this is unbelievable on a variety of levels. First of all, fuck Paris Hilton. That’s my main point. She sits down to piss just like most other women do – with the possible exception of German girls and women from Eastern Europe – but she doesn’t perceive herself to have been created equally. She’s a fucking snob, and that is aggravated by the fact that when the top layer of Paris is peeled away, and we can see what’s really on the inside, we see that she is a completely brain-dead, uninteresting, spoiled, bratty idiot made popular by a fan constituency that is collectively in desperate need of some healthy self-esteem. On one hand, I blame her fans for being Paris Hilton fans to begin with – because who the fuck are these idiots, what do they see in her besides wealth that she had no part in building? On the other hand, I blame Paris for feeding on the popularity given to her by those fans and making that her reason to exist on Earth. What value does she have as a citizen? What contributions has she made to society? Someone please tell m,e what the fuck is going on here, and how she can be in such a social position to have thousands of us defending anything she says or does that opposes reasonable, intelligent thought? For someone with the headstart of immense wealth as a young child, she has no excuse for what she has become – which is dead fucking weight to mankind. She had more opportunities to develop into someone worthy of popularity, someone who could and should be admired by all of us, but instead of making any effort at all at any moment in her life to become something, to do something worthwhile, she never got off her lazy fucking ass or lifted one multi-billion dollar finger to try – and that makes her more than a loser, it makes her a burden to society. Her attitude propagates around the world winning approval from it’s people as a measure of just how fucked up we have become as a nation and as a world. So it’s her fault, and it’s your fault – either way she’s a waste of human sperm.

    Secondly, Sarah can say whatever she wants about whomever she wants because she’s not dead weight – she has earned her right to exercise free speech as an American who has done something with her life. She brings laughter to society – and that my friend, is a gift. She didn’t waste her gift by riding through life on her looks – which are fantastic, by the way – or her money – she must have money, I mean, come one – she’s fucking Jewish. No. She embraced her role in society and found a way to transform her God given abilities into meaningful social contributions that have definite impact on the state of our national moral. To mention Sarah Silverman in the same sentence with Paris Hilton is to tell the world that, yes, you do need that lobotomy after all, and that you have become so fucking imbalanced and distorted that you think somehow – somehow – Sarah Silverman should feel bad about cracking a joke on Paris Hilton. A joke that – by the way – was a perfect reflection of how some of us felt, some of us who aren’t on the Paris Hilton bandwagon, some of us who exercise intelligent thought processes and aren’t skewed by wealth and glamor when defining our social values and building the social structure that we report to day in and day out. Yes, there are people who wanted to fucking puke when Paris was whining about having to go to jail for a crime she committed and for once in her life was forced to be held accountable for. This was a sentence with far reaching social implications and a high-five for the American legal system, prosecution infrastructure, and justice in general. None of us is above the law, and this was a nice exhibition of how impenetrable justice should and must be if we are to call ourselves a fair people with justice and honor and truth as some of our foundations. She got what she deserved, any one else would have been punished the same way under due process of the law, and it smacked her in the fucking mouth for at least a brief moment with the message reminding her that she does indeed sit down to piss just like the rest of the female population (Germans, Poles, Russians, yada, yada, yada we know they don’t count).

    The last thing I’d like to say is that Sarah shouldn’t have felt bad at all, I could give a rat’s ass who was watching or what expression Paris showed on her little pitiful, sulky, face – the same face that, by the way, can be seen drenched with semen by anyone with 20 bucks and an internet connection. Stupid whore. Sarah is compassionate, and the guilt she felt that led to a public apology was a demonstration of that compassion – but it was not a requirement in the eyes of many, and maybe she did it just as damage control to settle all of those jackass pro-Paris fuckers whose panties were getting all bunched up by what Sarah said, and how Paris reacted. For whatever reason she had one, I know that, and that is what it is…but I would like Sarah to know that a lot of people thought what she said was funny, took it in context, and would be very interested in seeing her beat Paris Hilton’s ass in a catfight as part of her future material. Now that would be comedy.

    Fuck all you Paris loving fags who will respond to what I’ve written – you’re all jackasses, too, and should really find some more accomplished heroes or people who you respect who have human value rather than daddy’s money.

  8. Silversurfer says:


    Did anybody NOT watch the MTV awards? What the hell is the joke, and what are people talking about?

    And why am I still on this blog other than that Sarah is cuter than a button? Oh yeah, I left my carkeys here.



  9. Siri says:

    I’m left without a thing to say. . . John said it all.

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