‘Jesus is Magic’ on The Secret Stash


Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic will be aired uncut and uncensored on Comedy Central’s “The Secret Stash.” It is scheduled for the night of July 21st at 1:00am (eastern) right after a marathon of The Sarah Silverman Program Season One episodes.

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6 Responses to ‘Jesus is Magic’ on The Secret Stash

  1. loti says:

    I’m so excited!

  2. Jesus Garcia Obregon says:

    Sarah, there may be other girls around me too, but don’t you think that I don’t think about you or I don’t fantasize being with and sleeping with you.

  3. Frank Dunne says:

    We don’t live in the times of wooden huts any longer. We are in different scenery and different contexts and thank God there is electricity, television, Internet and SARAH SILVERMAN SHOW (If I lived in such a hut I’d have to castrate myself, because this show is priceless and I want to watch it)…

  4. cherney says:

    gotta see it.i’ve thought jesus and algebra are magic for the last 20 years.

  5. I already bought the DVD! :)

  6. Sarah L K says:

    OMG,Sarah Silvermam is the funny lady of the world,I love her so much.She will make you laughtwitout a dout.Evrey time she is on TV it gets funnyer and funnyer.you have to watch her funny ass.

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