Stills From Upcoming Monk Episode

Here are some stills from the upcoming Monk episode on July 13th starring Sarah Silverman as Marci Maven.

monk1.jpg monk2.jpg monk3.jpg
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TV Guide: “Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan” – In the sixth-season opener, Monk is asked to help his obsessive fan, Marci Maven (Sarah Silverman), after her dog is accused of mauling a neighbor to death despite the fact that the animal died days earlier. Monk refuses to take the case, but is forced to investigate after Marci “wins” Monk in a charity auction.

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3 Responses to Stills From Upcoming Monk Episode

  1. dphunkt says:

    i wish id seen the characters introduction. its goota be a fun part to play too, not to mention pallin’ around with Tony. im might just TiVo the whole season.

  2. loti says:

    You can see her character’s intro from season 2 (2005), I think. Anyway it’s on DVD — see Mr. Monk and the TV Star.

  3. Pantyboy says:

    I love her vagina jokes. What does she think about Tantra and Kamasutra?

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