Stand Up: Pala Casino 9/15


Sarah Silverman will be at the Pala Casino in Pala, CA September 15th.

Tickets are available.

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9 Responses to Stand Up: Pala Casino 9/15

  1. Lenny says:

    Stand up, sit down, lie down :-))

  2. loti says:

    Oh shit man, I’m gonna be in Cali in August but I just bought my tickets last week and I’m coming back on Aug 14th. so close

  3. Rush says:

    R U in dead season something? Do you read past blogs and comments? We are on the edge of important decision making here, hurry. More Sarah news, please…

  4. Patty Cronin says:

    When is Sarah coming to Chicago again?? I saw her at Northwestern University where I had front row center seats!! For all of seven dollars. Being first in line out of thousands of people didn’t hurt. This funny gay guy was sitting next to me and he didn’t have to tell me that he had eaten at Dave’s Italian Kitchen where it smelled like he had a creamy pasta dish with garlic and at least a carafe of wine, as he was breathing on me and was woofing garlic farts most of the evening. Lovely. He was also playing footy making fun of my green LL Bean jodhpur wellies, and whispered to me that he hoped to cultivate a makeout session with Sarah at the end of the concert. I said I wouldn’t doubt it, she probably makes out with anybody. But I swear I never saw him before in my life. I was sorry that we didn’t have better weather as it was a cold dark and stormy night, so I was personally ashamed for us. But She Sarah who must be obeyed did her material from “Jesus Is Magic” so I could say practically all her lines along with her to where she had to shh me for distracting her. She schtuped her giant Baby Bel really well. When I asked her little sister of the sorority hosting the event if I could get all my souvenirs autographed and buy a t-shirt she told me they weren’t selling any but that Sarah was the kind to give me the one she was wearing. I contemplated that and left her to leave for her next gig.

  5. Nick Briggs says:

    My 21st birthday is on September 15th. I wish I didn’t live in Vermont. There are a lot of hippies here.

  6. Franck says:

    On peu coucher avec quelqu’un la y i’l ya beaucoup. I’l ya trop la. C’est important coucher ici pourquoi i’l n’ya pas plus.

  7. Sarah, come to Sudbury Ontario Canada! :)

    We have lots to offer: clean air, Tim Horton’s, and free healthcare, plus I live there so its a win win situation.

    -dances- *yitle-dytle*

  8. So excited to see Sarah for the first time. Too bad the rooms at Pala are so damn expensive. I hope she does more material than the Jesus is Magic set.

  9. Jane says:

    see you there sarah!

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