Unique SSO Promotion

A die hard Sarah fan from the Netherlands promoted Sarah Silverman Online in a very unique way. I’m just hoping the owners of the building are Sarah fans too!

Sarah Silverman Online is not responsible for any vandalism that may have occurred in this video.

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8 Responses to Unique SSO Promotion

  1. dphunkt says:

    theres no excuse for any lack of vandalism on my part, but suffice it to say i finally feel like im part of the problem 😛

  2. Joe says:

    Damn, that’s a loony bitch…I guess we have to express our Love for Sarah in our own unique ways :)

  3. w. says:

    Thanks Joe..

  4. DHinheart says:

    ohhhh. strange way to promote, but cool i guess. love how they used “Livin in America” by The Sounds as the music.

  5. Dragonfire says:

    I dont see any better use for a wall than that!!

  6. This has inspired me to vandalize something in the good name of Sarah Silverman! :)

  7. Matt says:

    Cool way to promote this site! Whoo-hoo!

  8. Duffy Odum says:

    Why can’t I get on the mailing list? Please put me on the mailing list. We love you Sarah soooo much.

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