Exclusive Interview with Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman was extremely generous this week to answer a few questions exclusively for Sarah Silverman Online!

SSO: First off, fantastic job at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards! What is your reaction to all of the attention brought on by your Paris Hilton joke this week?

Sarah: It’s very bittersweet. There was no way I wasn’t going to do a Paris joke – it was the 500 pound gorilla in the room. But, I felt bad for her, too.

SSO: How do you feel knowing that you’ve made Cisco Adler’s balls even more famous?

Sarah: Honored. I don’t know why, but his balls inspire me. That picture inspires me. As a person.

SSO: I’ve read that growing up you were a huge fan of Steve Martin. Were there any female comedians who you looked up to?

Sarah: I loved Ruth Gordon who was more of a character actress and writer. Also, Paula Poundstone. Joan Rivers… I loved the Carol Burnett show – how loose it was and how it felt like a group of friends having a blast.

SSO: Congrats to you and Jimmy celebrating almost FIVE years together. After all these years, what is it that you love the most about him?

Sarah: He’s kind and thoughtful and VERY VERY funny. He’s always thinking – a real idea man in the most traditional sense. He’s a great host – public and personally. He’s just my (this is very gay) – he’s my best friend.

SSO: Your fans are anxiously awaiting season two of The Sarah Silverman Program. Will there be any “Cookie Party” references this season?

Sarah: YES! We’re shooting a whole Cookie Party episode! Laura and I get to be contestents (against the Mustangs – the male cheerleaders who beat up Steve in Humanitarian last year.)

SSO: Is there a lot of sexual tension working with Steve Agee and Brian Posehn on the show?

Sarah: Between them? Sometimes — when they bond about music or video games. They’ve truly become good friends from this show. They were two guys I was friends with that didn’t really know each other until the show.

SSO: How did it feel playing “psycho fan” Marci Maven for the second time on Monk?

Sarah: I loved it. I’m a fan of the show and I really like that character. She’s so peppy and sincere and ridiculous. and Tony is just awesome.

SSO: Besides Jimmy Kimmel Live, what is your favorite TV show?

Sarah: I love TV. I watch SO MANY shows — 24 (still hanging in there) LOST (unbelievable season this year!) the Sopranos (I’m depressed about it being over – this season has been mind blowing) 30 Rock, Letterman, and then a bunch of reality: Top Chef, Project Runway, Americas Next Top Model — all that shit. I love it so much.

SSO: Which word is funnier to you, “doody,” “diarrhea” or “vagina?”

Sarah: It’s a tie between doody and diarrhea. then vagina second.

SSO: What can we expect from Sarah Silverman in the near future?

Sarah: More episodes. That’s all I’m focused on now. We have 16 episodes to write and shoot. They will air 6 of them in October and then another 10 next summer.

SSO: Do you ever check out SarahSilvermanOnline.com on occasion?

Sarah: Yes I do sometimes! – I can’t believe you do this! It’s so nice!!

SSO: Thank you so much for doing this interview for Sarah Silverman Online! I know that your answers will be much appreciated by all your fans!

Sarah: My pleasure, Doll – you’re the best, I really appreciate you doing this site.

– Interview by Chris Mazie

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54 Responses to Exclusive Interview with Sarah Silverman

  1. Hiram C says:

    Awesome Chris!!! That’s so cool, lol. You are literally the best Sarah Silverman site on the web!

  2. Hazel says:

    You have a major crush on Paris Hilton. Because no one could of had BALLS to pick on her LIVE like that. If so, it would of already happen before you could make that move at the MTV movie awards. You two are going to be very close. Trust me, and try it. :)

  3. Joshie says:

    Well look at YOU! 😀 YAY FOR INTERVIEWS. She’s AWESOME!!!!

  4. Michael says:

    Congratulations Chris! Great job.

  5. terra says:

    Great interview! Thanks for getting the inside scoop on Cisco Adler’s balls, it was killing me.

  6. B. Kitty says:

    This is absolutely amazing. Amazing.

    You’re the hotness, Chris…

    and you’re separated by Sarah by only one small degree.

    Can I have some of your hair clippings for my scrapbook?

  7. D. D. Johnson says:

    Licks4Sarah: :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p

  8. Robbie says:

    Wow, you’re so fucking LUCKY!!!!!

    Those were the best questions ever =)

  9. Icscipio says:

    Well done, man! Thank you for visiting our blog!!!

  10. amanda says:

    I will never watch anything sarah silverman does again. The joke was in poor taste. There were other jokes she could have done. seriously. sarah, you are a complete b!tch. and you just lost a viewer/consumer, whatev.

  11. Sanjeed says:

    I want to get more of Sarah. There have been power cuts potential because of draught and hydroelectric dams failing in India. I don’t know if I can afford a laptop or not so I plan to buy a UPS device. While searching name Sarah on Google I came across Sara Evans with a song Coal Mine saying power is out and that’s alright (No, that isn’t) so I plan to buy a UPS and will never risk cutoff. I loved this site too.

  12. Kelly says:

    Hi Chris,

    Kelly from blondeheroine.com. Thanks so much for letting me know about your interview. I personally think Sarah did a great job.

    Anyway, great job on the interview. :)


  13. Jennifer says:

    Hey Chris! Wow- that WAS a great interview! congratulations and i’m so proud of you! definitely proud to call you my brother! love ya and again, congrats! she’s hysterical and i know why you love her so frickin much!!

  14. ficklepickle says:

    How come my name and e-mail address is automatically here every time i come here?? How can I get it off?

    Good interview, by the way.

  15. D. D. Johnson says:

    A personal message to Sarah: Hey, Sarah, bear my babies…

  16. Yev says:

    saruh is to most Jews nothing but a JAP: Jewish American Princes, the most avoided of all femail species in the world. The are burdened with a self-view so void of reality it is not reality. Arrogance,stupidity,crudeness,self-love,over-view of self,selfish,loud-mouthed (especially from Noo Yawk..) and once again,stupid. What she did to Paris Hilton bespeaks to the stupid arrogance…oy vey.

  17. Nat says:

    Don’t Hate people. Sarah is F**king great! It was only a joke, let it go okay!!!

    Great interview!!!You are so lucky..

  18. james says:

    Sarah reminds me a lot of a young Don Rickles. Only not as funny and not nearly as attractive.

  19. Vicki Angelo says:

    Your Paris joke was one of the meanest I’ve ever seen. To be deliberately mean is evil. So sorry that people see evil behavior as funny. I have no opinion on Paris, but it is never funny to see someone publicly humiliated. What is wrong with you?

  20. Tarryn says:

    Great site!…Sarah was awesome @ the MTV Awards.
    As for Paris(hohoho)Hilton, she likes the attention & thats just what Sarah gave her. Paris Hilton is a Disgrace to her entire family & the whole American Nation.

  21. Richard says:

    I love Sarah’s joke and I love her vagina.

  22. Bary says:

    I didn’t know who Sarah was before the Paris joke, but boy, I will be watching this girl form now on. Loved it!!! Hilarious. LMAO Hooray for you girl

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  24. jose miguel villouta says:

    I’m so full of envy right now.

    so full.

  25. dphunkt says:

    wow! fun interview, recognition, great relaunch!!

    16 episodes,.. my anticipation is exponentially ..wow!

    heh, Cookie Party gets its own episode? (boo Mustangs!)

  26. sarah i love all your shows.i know im 13 and your older,id love to spend one day with you,i have the money to pay you. please write back i know this isnt cool but almost every night i dream we’re married. please please write back.

  27. Mike says:

    Sarah is so hoot!
    I just want to fuck her.

    Love you,babe

  28. johann smith says:

    Sarah you look more bitchy and more stupid than paris coz of what you did..

  29. To: johann smith

    So suck Cisco Adler’s balls!- you dookie jail skank.

    Good interview by the way!!
    I wish I could interview Sarah, well I wouldn’t interview…I’d rape- I say that with love. :)

  30. lorna says:

    To some of the haters: lighten up, think outside the box…

    About the Paris joke, Sarah wasn’t out of line, the audience was way out of line, everyone cheered and I felt bad for paris too but sarah had to finish the joke…
    Over thinking comedy is lame but I have to say that I think open forums especially tv are kind of abused right now. Being PC all the time is like the most racist way to say some things.
    Sarah knows it or I like to think she does because that’s how I take a lot of her stuff. Conan said once in an interview, “‘Funny man’, be funny”. Funny people can be smart. Sarah playing dumb is hilarious and genius, she knows what she’s doing.

    Too many “serious” self righteous idiots get to say what ever they want and millions of impresionable people get to hear it.

    … I’ve only seen like two episodes of her show recently but I’ve seen her in a lot of other stuff. I always loved her ever since the chink joke on Conan. Jesus is Magic is **cking genius so is her Aristocrats part. I hope she keeps doing what she’s doing for a long long time, you make me a better person sarah silverman.

    thanks for reading my ramble, the fans, because you know she doesn’t read this stuff right.

    Me (ethicity: caucausian/gentile
    gender: female
    orientation: gay for penises)

  31. lorna says:

    way too long… and blah blah blah…
    jesus… suck f*ck c*ck suck… i a feel better now.

  32. Brazilianboy says:


  33. sopitikoj says:


    I love the colors you use, and the images are vivid and energetic. Great work, good site too. I’ll be in touch!


  34. Alargedude says:

    The Paris joke is the best ever, next to the Britney joke. Sarah has balls.

  35. Warner says:

    I didn’t think the joke was that funny, but the reaction sure was.

  36. David says:

    I’ll always wonder why whiners are always around the places they hate, is like if they were masochists xDD. Nice interview anyway, is cool you are more or less connected with her, it makes it more real.

  37. sailor86 says:

    I missed it. What did Sarah say that got everybody in a furor?

  38. sailor86 says:

    I agree. She’s a mean bitch. I guess to be funny nowadays you’ve got to run people over without feeling or shame.

  39. gailenanny says:

    Sarah,who do you think you are,representing the Jewish population in Florida.You are nothing but a fowlmothed little pig.Your family must be so proud of your vocabulary.Speak for your self,not that anyone really care what you think.By the way,you were so lovely on Jimmys show,the last time that you were on.Good job Jimmy we all love u

  40. gailenanny says:

    Shame on u,its the fault of Jewish people if Obama loses? Your filthy mouth to Gods ears

  41. ryann says:

    gailenanny you are oblivious… you have no business commenting

  42. Jules Blue says:

    Sarah is a kind person to give so much time to T.V. and the internet Its a gift to enjoy this rare talent.Getting into her jokes must be like getting a free add because even(allot of) people that hate Her love to watch Her.

  43. Rob says:

    Sarah has wonderful taste and a simple touch.

  44. Ray Moeller says:

    Sarah, you are the absolute best, in every thing you say and do. I support you without reservation or concern.

  45. Mel says:

    Sarah Silverman says in many interview that her brand of humor is to say the opposite of what she means.
    This somewhat applies to her comment about Obama. She was just making a comment that would be funny to the Jewish youth to encourage them to ask their grandparents to vote Obama. She didn’t seriously mean that if Obama didn’t win it would be the fault of the Jewish.
    I hope that helps relieve some of your seeming hate for her.
    But I digress,
    Great interview, Chris!

  46. Chasta McCormick says:

    As far as the interview goes,that is sooooo awesome that you got to talk to her and I think the questions were great. I would most definitely lose my friggin mind if I met Sarah…I love her! :) Anyways, I think that it is ridiculous and sad that people take the time to get on this site just to talk shit about her over a joke that she told…get a life losers! Go find something or someone that you enjoy and give them your love instead of hating on people! It was a joke! JEEZUS!

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