Stupid Questions with Sarah Silverman

An interview with Sarah Silverman is featured in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly:

EW – Stupid Questions with Sarah Silverman

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18 Responses to Stupid Questions with Sarah Silverman

  1. xXx says:

    Great. Hope Sarah won’t have diarrhea :-) I have a question, would Sarah consider a sticker book collection for best of her pictures to be stuck on a notebook to make a photo album like we used to have back when I was a kid; an Italian firm called Figurine Panini used to make it and girls used to collect Sarah Kay stickers. Sarah, don’t have diarrhea, serious.

  2. Nick says:

    Have you named your vagina and if so whats its name?

  3. Raffaele Zuccaro says:

    Is there not anything that Jews in the entertainment community would not do to make Money–There is NOTHING Sacred to you and your kind in Hollywood and New York!!!!

  4. Tzipporah says:

    I found your comments about Paris Hilton to be crude, crass and vulgar. If it was a “500 pound gorilla” in the room, then you could have come up with something that would have been funny without being crude, crass and obnoxious.

  5. Raffaele Zuccaro says:

    I tottaly agree with you Tzipporah, I say again, that it is a thing with PUSHING the ENVELOPE with her and her firends, Jewish comedians have been doing this for years- “Shock and Awe” type jokes- then they think themeselves to be “Brilliant and Tallented” as they speak about themselves at the “Academy Award Shows”

  6. Raffaele Zuccaro says:

    Your comment about Paris was crude and disgusting–then i see pictures of you on your OWN web-site, and I see a real jelous type whore in the making, striveing for the attention that Paris got from a B.J. Make your own home movie- use your big mouth a different way Sarah.

  7. eman says:


  8. eman says:

    some people says that women comes from venus and men from mars…who paid for the that ?!

  9. Mikkel Nielsen says:

    I agree with Sarah, what the hell happend to Paris? and what happend to her not growing muscles in jail? and whats with all you whiners? bunch of racist spaghettios.

  10. abby wolf says:

    i am scared of Raffaele Zuccaro. is he real?
    can anybody be so bitterpinchedandevil ?
    i feel sorry for his anus. it must be so tired from holding it all in. Raffaele should try hatha yoga.
    sarah, don’t have diarreah anymore. now there’s one tip you really could take from scary Raffaele.

    you are beautiful, tallented, amazing, bright, wonderfull, adorable, cute, silly, gassy, and despite that, downright charming. love ab

  11. Raffaele Zuccaro says:

    Well Abby Wolf- Sarah is beutiful , tallented and bright!!! BUT, she is also CRUDE, FILTHY MINDED, VULGAR and uses those “qualities” to gain fame and money with the shock value she offers. She wouldnt be allowed to say what she says on public venues!!! What would she be teaching our young women— Vulgarity!!!

  12. Raffaele Zuccaro says:

    Are you to “lady-like” to pose in the nude Sarah???? You might as well- You would make a “good-looking” Prostitute, with no where to go but DOWN!!!!

  13. Raffaele Zuccaro says:

    From what I here about her new show this season, is that she is getting much worse with the FILTH and PORNOGRAPHIC material– It seems that she has lost her moral Clarity, “If she had any to begin with”!!!! Now , she is promoting “abortion” on her shows!!!! What wont she do for SHECKELS???????

  14. Raffaele Zuccaro says:

    I for one, will be BOYCOTING every one of her sponsors and will leed as many others to follow that action!!!!!!

  15. Raffaele Zuccaro says:

    Saw your disgusting 1st show of the season on ABORTION-Is there NOT anything SACRED to you-Where do YOU find your kind of MORAL CLARITY??? Does the Torah teach you ANYTHING???

  16. hi
    good luck

  17. Edwina Nixon says:

    good luck

  18. Lesia Sweet says:

    good luck

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