Uncensored *Bleep* Song

This video was filmed at a dress rehearsal for the 2007 MTV Movie Awards.

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17 Responses to Uncensored *Bleep* Song

  1. Greg says:

    She is Great. I loved ever since I saw her as “Raine Robinson” on Star Trek Voyager in 96. She is one of the best comedians in the world.

  2. Gerry says:

    You are hysterical! I love you. I feel bad for Paris Hilton, she is so hated because of jealousy. I could go with a good laugh and you are f-ing hysterical. But, that joke was just mean and not funny.If it was mean and funny LOL just wasn’t funny, Big fan, just thought it was wrong, Sick of American’s putting innocents on a pedestal and tearing them down, Go after president Cheney and Vp Bush they need to be put in place! But, I am a huge fan!
    Love G

  3. Ralph says:

    I love You Sarah. I thought you did a great job at the MTV movie awards.. I especially loved the part where you made fun of Paris Hilton. I dont think that it was wrong. I feel what she did was wrong and deserves what is coming to her. Thank you for humiliating her. Im glad you dont censor yourself. I hope to see you on Television really soon.. keep up the good work.. Love you

  4. Don O'Neill says:

    You are the best, a well needed shot in the arm for stand-up comedy. As far as your “mean spirited” Paris Hilton joke…I loved it!…and she deserved it. You are the Lenny Bruce of the new century. You have balls girl – keep it up.

  5. Sasha says:

    Your humor is juvenile and reminds me of a room full of kindergartners. The people who laugh at your jokes must have the IQ of a horses ass! It’s sad when a comic has to talk about poop and vaginas to get a any kind of reaction at all from the crowd. SAD!!!!!

  6. Mike Johnson says:


    The Hilton joke was great the bleep song was not. Keep making us laughing.


  7. ben says:

    i’m no fan of paris hilton but that lil spoof you did at MTV was just not on. i used to like watching you but when i heard what you said on mtv, that turned me off big time.

    i find it sad that you chose to make jokes on other people’s expense just to get applauded. that is the lowest form of humour. in fact it’s NOT FUNNY at all. wake up dude. if u wanna be noticed and be famous, atleast get famous for something good.

    you’re not pretty either. maybe that’s why you’re so insecure.

  8. Ray says:


    I don’t know what to say about your work except its fuckin’ awesome. I find that with you I laugh at the things I know I shouldn’t and it reminds me that I’m still alive and life is great. Good Luck in your career. I’m sure you know how important a good laugh is. Thanks soooo much.

  9. Jason Murray says:

    The Paris Hilton joke was not wrong.

    Paris Hilton CHOSE to show up at one of the most high-profile events in recent months even though she is knee deep in scandal. The fact that she didn’t see a joke coming and didn’t have a sense of humor about it shows a complete lack of intelligence and common sense.

    Every other comedian that has ever hosted an award show use their opening monologue to poke fun at celebrities in the audience. Chris Rock was far harsher when he hosted MTV award shows.

    Paris Hilton CHOSE to be in the public light unlike Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan who were forced into stardom by domineering parents.

    (You didn’t see Sarah making fun of Lohan and Spears, they weren’t in the audience and weren’t begging for attention)

    Paris and her sister used to dance on top of tables at every posh New York party to get noticed. They could’ve enjoyed their millions and lived a low-key life but they CHOSE differently. They were SCREAMING for attention.

    You certainly cannot give me this “people are so unfair to Paris Hilton” bullshit.

    She drove while intoxicated and could’ve killed any innocent people on the road that night.

    THEN, after having her license suspended, SHE DID IT AGAIN!

    There’s nothing innocent about that. She was selfish and narcissistic.

    You are pretty fucking warped if you found that joke offensive!

    Sarah can make fun of Jews, Blacks, and everyone else and it’s hilarious,
    but Paris Hilton is where you people draw the line!?

    – JM

  10. funkate says:

    Totally agree with you Jason. Thinkin of her as a victim is just radiculous.

  11. DrewM says:


    I love your work and I think you’re very talented, but to someone that doesn’t know you, after hearing your Paris Hilton joke, might think otherwise. Think. Give me the name of just one great comedian that reached the top by stepping on someone? The other comedians may be close to the top, but they’ll never get to the very top. To say what you said revealed to people that you don’t have the talent to think up a good joke. You gained nothing and lost a lot. The only fans you gained were fans that you don’t want to have! You’ll have much more success choosing the other path. I still think you’re talented – you just made a REALLY BAD CHOICE!


  12. honesttruth says:

    Honestly Sarah, you are not that good. you just use shock jokes Which, in turn would be your downfall. clean up your act. see comments on your YouTube clips. you’ll see how people react to your brand of humor.


    i really hope that you get another profession.

  13. Nat says:

    SARAH You’re My Hero, I love you !!! You are Freaking Hilarious…your face singing this song is priceless!hahahaha omg… i want more Sarah!!!

  14. eman says:


  15. Daniel says:

    I loved your German Car song in J.I.M. movie. German cars have always been my first love :-))

  16. Graham says:

    Sarah is one sick minded twisted insecure individual and one which surely must get everyone to switch off TV!! That joke on Paris was totally out of order and NOT funny, it shows how insecure and desperate sarah is for her own fame!

    I for one have driving while coming from a party there is no other way to get home at 3am!!! and dont go giving me the option of cabs or buses, i wouldnt be seen dead in one!!!

    If you have the money and can drive, then as i do, i see no problem in driving, you know ur own limits, and no one can say otherwise….a suspended licence wouldnt stop you driving it if was necessary so quit your abuse!

    Fact is people from the lower end of society have no clue what its like being at the top end..

    end of.

  17. clayton says:

    Wow Sarah!!! your performances are always hilarious! I have to thank you for something. I have to thank you for converting me. I used to be a poo pusher but after gazing at your huge breasts and realizing that your clitoris is probably as big as a penis and that you could F*** me with it. I have decided to give up being gay. I now know why Jimmy Kimmel loves you so much!!! 😛

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