Sarah Silverman and Jessica Biel

The hot and sensual closeup of Sarah Silverman and Jessica Biel at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards:


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  1. norse says:

    Skank Wendy is just not used to any hair rubbing on her nose that isn’t short and curly and smelling like egg farts and ass.

  2. Well, I was surfing in the net and I found this article in yahoo about this sarah silverman urging the pop to sell the vatican in order to feed the world. An extremely excentric idea expressed in order to gain attention, I guess. It’s like if she asked the great rabbi of israel (anyway, the equivalent of the pope in judaism, don’t know how u call it) to sell all the synagogues of the world in order to feed the poor. Will u do it, Ms silverman?
    One more thing, the fact is that I’ve never heard about her before (cause I’m not american, of course), I don’t know that much about her as u’ll suppose. But according to what has been said here and there, she seems very audacious and that’s a good quality if used to make things happen, not just o say things. Good job for what u said about paris and britney, but be softer cause u could find someone who’ll beat u in ur own field, and God knows there are many.
    PS: nice kiss in the photo, both of u are sweet like lemonade. cheers.

  3. Sam C. says:

    you’re all faggots, sarah silverman is brilliant. if you cant laugh at shitty people then who can you laugh at…… so fuck alla yall. and sarah silverman is beautiful on the inside and outside.

  4. Chronik Juggalo says:

    Sarah! Don’t listen to what these retards are saying! You are a comedic goddess! Beauty and brains and ur funny as hell!!! Love watching your show and your stand up! Don’t change for anybody else!

  5. Willbert says:

    Sarah haves a great body but if she can have boob implants she will rock!

  6. hmm says:

    i dont got it people laugh about another countries all over the world. so why only one person need to get hurt (mentalli) by you people?

  7. kevin says:

    sarah silverman is funny!
    and she is not the person to target just one person. celebrity jokes ia not her thing and a little celeb jokes here and there shouldn’t offend anyone.
    she makes fun of serious topics in the most funny way possible.
    true comedian!

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